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 Bibby – Lancashire           Carter – Herts                       Cato – Herts                       Curtis – Dorset                           Dellor – Hertfordshire               Dunn – Northumberland   Evans – Cheshire                   Gravatt – London                   Hayes – London                       Howard – Cambridgeshire   Kille – Hampshire             Needham – Derbyshire           Neil – Cumbria                  Rivers – Penshurst                       Peers – Derbyshire         Sanderson – Lancashire   Shilton – Berkshire       Streatfield – Kent                   Tann – London                     Tyrer – Lancashire               Woodgate – Chiddingstone

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New: Rivers and Woodgate families

I have added pages for the Rivers family of Penshurst and the Woodgate family of Penshurst and Chiddingstone. These families are linked to my Streatfields of Chiddingstone but go back much further – into the 1300’s and 1400’s.