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 Thanks to Dianne Wright and John and Vicki Harris for their help in researching this Curtis branch from which they are also descended. 



Our Curtis line originated from South Perrot, Dorset.  Some members of the family moved to Islington, London prior to 1881.  These have been traced, but we know little about those that stayed in Dorset. I had managed to trace our line to at least a Roger Curtis who married Dianah Saint (daughter of Henry Saint and Dinah Frampton) at Broadwindsor in 1763.  I believe this to be the same Roger who was a Cordwainer, and  mentioned in the 1807 Dorset Poll Book living at South Perrot.  However, in a  Settlement certificate of 1740 I found a Roger Curtis apprenticed to a Cordwainer called Daniel Bryant of Mosterton.   As most apprenticeships took place at the age of about 14, this would fit in with the aforementioned Roger being born in 1725. This being the case, he was most probably the Roger Curtis baptised on 26th December, 1725 at South Perrott, the son of another Roger Curtis and  Mary Ham.

This being the case, a will dated 1736 and proved 1746 exists for a Roger Curtis, Clothworker of South Perrott and mentions sons RogerThomas and John. This Roger was probably the Roger baptised on 16th October, 1689 at South Perrott, son of yet another Roger Curtis and Joan.  Agnes Curtis was a witness to this second will.  Who was she? Wife or sister?

But it is clear that Roger Curtis, clothworker and Mary had the following children 1:

Roger Curtis bp 26.12.1725 South Perrot, m1 abt 1750 to Sarah , m2 8.9.1763 Broadwindsor to Dinah Saint, bur 15.11.1809 South Perrott
Thomas Curtis bp 24.11.1728 South Perrott
John Curtis bp?

Roger was buried on 29th December, 1736. There was also a Mary Curtis buried on 9th May, 1736 (possible a wife?).  From his Will we also know that his brother-in-law was John Ham, of Haselbury Plunkett in Somerset.  He had at least three sons all born before 1736: Roger Curtis, Thomas Curtis and John Curtis.  All of them were minors at the time of the will, although he made his son Thomas sole executor.  The will was not proved until 1746. Why did this taken 10 years?



Roger Curtis born 1725 appears to have married a Sarah in about 1750. Roger had the following children and Sarah was named as the mother of all baptised in the Cheddington registers 2;

Roger Curtis bp 14.10.1750 South Perrott, m 29.10.1772 Corscombe to Elizabeth Ellisbur 17.2.1824 Corscombe aged 73.
John Curtis bp 27.3.1757 Cheddington
Thomas Curtis Private bp 16.9.1759 Cheddington, bp 11.11.1759 Cheddington, m 4.5.1788 South Perrott to Elizabeth Cleale
William Curtis bp 11.11.1759 Cheddington, bur 16.3.1760 Cheddington

At this point we had found another Roger Curtis, also a Cordwainer married to Dinah Saint in 1863. Was this the same Roger who had lost his wife and remarried? A will of 1810 was found – it was an important find as it proves that this Roger was the same Roger who also married Dinah Saint, mentioning her in the will and all the children including those of his previous marriage and a daughter Mary which has not turned up in the parish records.  There is a gap in the parish records that could prove that his first wife Sarah was buried between 1759 and 1763.  However, Roger married Dinah Saint of Wayford, Somerset (daughter of Henry Saint and Dinah Frampton) on 8th September, 1763 at Broadwindsor. They had the following children 1:

Robert Curtis bp 2.8.1766 South Perrott, m 4.4.1791 South Perrott to Susanna Cleal
Sarah Curtis bp 19.6.1768 South Perrott
William Curtis bp 25.12.1769 South Perrott, bur 2.3.1771 South Perrott
Mary Curtis b ? m ? to Spurdle  by 1809
Betty Curtis bp 1.3.1773 South Perrott, m 21.3.1797 at South Perrott to John Silby
William Curtis bp 16.6.1776 South Perrott, bur 21.4.1784 South Perrott
James Curtis bp 5.9.1779 South Perrot, bur 25.4.1782 South Perrott,                                                                                                                 Joseph Curtis (Cordwainer) bp 5.9.1779 South Perrott * mentioned in 1798 Militia List,  m1 to Mary Cottle at Misterton? m2 4.5.1829 Broadwindsor to Hannah Elliot

Samuel Curtis (Dairyman) bp 15.4.1781 South Perrot, m 20.11.1809 Mosterton to Charlotte Dawbney (bp 29.12.1788), bur 23.3.1851 Mosterton
Sarah Curtis bp 15.4.1781 South Perrott (a possible twin)

Roger was mentioned in the 1807 Poll Book of Dorset as being a Freeholder living in South Perrott. He died there aged 83 in 1809. He was buried on 15th November 1809. I have since found that he left a will dated 11th October, 1809 and in proved in 1810. His will follows. It mentions his three surviving sons from his first marriage plus all his surviving children by Dinah plus a Mary now married to Mr. SpurdleDinah Curtis was buried on 26th July, 1821 aged 83 at South Perrot, St Mary.



The eldest son Roger, born in 1750 fits perfectly with Roger Curtis of Lucam [Lewcombe, near East Charlborough?], a Yeoman who married Elizabeth Ellis on 29th October at Corscombe. They had the following children 3:

Mary Curtis bp 22.2.1775 Corscombe, m 10.2.1798 to Corscombe to Thomas Harris of Halstock
Sarah Curtis bp 11.11.1777 Corscombe, bur 1777 ?
John Curtis bp 12.8.1780 Corscombe
Elizabeth Curtis bp 11.6.1783 Corscombe
Thomas Curtis bp 23.1.1785 Corscombe
William Curtis bp 1.1.1786 Corscombe

Roger died in 1824; he was buried at Corscombe St Mary on 17th Feb, 1824, aged 73.



Samuel Curtis  was baptised  on 15th April 1781 at South Perrott.  He married Charlotte Dawbney, the daughter of Henry Dawbney and Sarah, on 20th November 1809 at Mosterton. From the Mosterton Parish records, we have learnt that Charlotte Dawbney had two illegitimate children before her marriage:

Charles Dawbney bp Sept 13 1807 Mosterton
Charles Dawbney bp 6 May 1809 Mosterton

I have been unable to find these children in the burial records. Charlotte and Samuel would then have just had time to have their first son Henry who was buried in April 1810, if he died soon after birth.
They had the following children, all baptised at St. Mary’s church, Mosterton 4:

Henry Curtis b abt 1810 Mosterton, bur 11.4.1810 Mosterton
Ann Curtis bp 25.12.1811 Mosterton, m 1832 South Perrot to Edmund Hockley
Henry Curtis (private bp 23.9.1813 Chilton)  bp 10.9.1814 Mosterton
Sarah Curtis bp 31.1.1819 Mosterton, m 1840 Mosterton to Henry Richards
John Curtis bp 31.1.1819 Mosterton, bur 11.1.1867 Mosterton
George Curtis (Dairy Farmer) born abt 1821 Thorncombe, bp 2.7.1826 Mosterton, m1 17.2.1846 Powerstock  to Sarah Groves (b 1823), m2 21.1.1876 Broadwindsor to Lucy Perry (widow of Francis Perry), d 7.2.1881 Forest Gate, bur 10.2.1881 West Ham Cemetery 9

Samuel was a dairyman at Chilton, Somerset in 1813, where his son Henry was privately baptised.  On the 1841 census Samuel was shown as an agricultural labourer living in Mosterton with his son John, a shoe maker. There was no mention of Charlotte, so we assume that she had died before 1841.  [The NBI version 2 confirms this with a burial of Charlotte Curtis on 9th Oct, 1823 at Mosterton St Mary.  She was only 35 years old and must have died soon after the birth of George or perhaps a later child.]  Samuel died on 17th March, 1851 at Mosterton and was baptised on 23th of the same month. 




map showing Chapel Court farm near South Perrott

George Curtis was born in Thorncombe in about 1821, according to the 1861 census, although he wasn’t baptised until 1826 at Mosterton.  In 1841 he was living at Chapel Court Farm, Mosterton 5.  His future wife, Sarah Groves, daughter of John Groves and Elizabeth Walden (info many Thanks to Don Groves), lived at the neighbouring Bluntmoor Farm.  They married at Wytherstone parish church, Powerstock  near Beaminster on 17th February, 1846 (the witnesses were Henry Curtis and Hester Groves).
George and Sarah had the following children, main;y baptised at Mosterton 4:

Ester Curtis bp 10.1.1847 Kimmeridge, m 25.9.1865 Broadwindsor to Thomas England
John Groves Curtis bp 21.1.1849 Mosterton, d 1851 Beaminster  bur 31.7.1851 Mosterton
William John Groves Curtis bp 18.7.1852 Mosterton, bur 16.12.1873 Mosterton
Charles Curtis (butcher) bp 25.12.1853 Mosterton, m 1876 Beaminster to Georgina Perry (1856 South Perrott)        d 20.10.1936 Winchmore Hill, bur 24.10.1936 Islington Cemetery 9
George Curtis (carter) bp 25.5.1856 Winterborne Came 10 (reg Beaminster)
Robert  Groves  Curtis  (butcher)  bp 25.12.1858  Mosterton, m 1887  Weymouth to Sarah Jane Bugler (born 1860 Misterton), d 12.1940 Clapton,  bur 2.1.1941 Abney Park Cemetery
Elizabeth  Sarah Curtis  bp 8.9.1861  Mosterton
William John Curtis (butcher)born 1863 Littlewindsor, bp 24.5.1863 Mosterton
Susan Daubeny Curtis born 1865 Littlewindsor,  bp 27.8.1865 Mosterton
Sarah Deborah Curtis born 1869 Littlewindsor, bp 31.10.1869 Mosterton

George was a dairyman at Chapel Court farm, the tenant of which was William Daubeny.  The owner of the farm was Rev’d W.T. Cox who was also the owner of Potwell Farm, Littlewindsor. George obtained the tenancy of Potwell farm around 1863.  Sarah died in 1874 and was buried in Mosterton on 1st December, 1874.
George then married a widow, Lucy Perry (nee Hawkins), daughter of John Hawkins and widow of Francis Perry on 21st March 1876 at Broadwindsor parish church. Lucy was also the mother of his daught-in-law Georgina. At some stage they moved to London where George died on 7th February, 1881, at 50 Chatsworth Road, Forest Gate, West Ham, aged 61 6.  His widow Lucy then lived with her son-in-law/stepson, Charles, in Islington.

Charles Curtisborn in 1853 at Mosterton was a butcher.  He married Georgina Perry  daughter of Francis Perry and Lucy, in 1876. They had the following children:

Augustus Charles Curtis (butcher)  bp 27.5.1877 Mosterton, m 1901 Hackney to Francis Morgan 
George Francis Perry Curtis
 (butcher) born 1878 Broadwindsor (known as Francis)
Mable Curtis (teacher) born 1882
Reginald Curtis 
born abt 1883
Daisy Curtis born abt 1885
Florence Curtis 
born 1887 Islington?, m Thomas Saint 

Sometime before 1881, Charles, Georgina and Charles’ brother Robert Groves moved to Islington. The birth place of these children may narrow that move, to between 1878 and 1881.  In 1881 they were living at 405 Liverpool Road, Islington 5.  Robert and Charles’ younger brother William was also a butcher and living with them.  Apparently, the meat was originally  supplied from Dorset but we do not know for how long this continued. By 1901, the family were living at 19 High Road, Tottenham 5.  In the 1908 London Suburbs post Office Directory, Charles is listed as butcher at 52 Neville Road, Stoke Newington. Was this the address of the premises or the home? Charles died on 20th October, 1936. Georgina  died on 19th February, 1938 7 . They are both buried at Islington Cemetery .9

[I have recently discovered, through the internet, the grand-daughter of Augustus Charles Curtis; Vicki Harris, and we hope to pool our resources and continue the search beyond Roger. Thanks Vicki and John, for your help, so far].



Robert Groves Curtis c1930s

Robert Groves Curtis c 1930s

Robert Groves Curtis was born on 22nd September 1858 at Mosterton 6. Robert and his brother Charles (above) moved to Islington to set up a butcher’s shop. In 1887 Robert married Sarah Jane Bugler, daughter of Thomas Bugler and Ann Perry at Weymouth.  They had two children:

Augustus Thomas George Curtis born 6.11.1888 Highbury (my great grandfather), m 1908 to Louisa Gravatt (born 9.3.1887 Islington), d 10.5.1962 Worthing
Ethel Violet Curtis born 1894 Islington, m 1923 Lewisham to Leonard Renolds, d 22.8.1957                                                                                                                                              Doris May Curtis b 1904?                                                            

It is believed that the family ended up with two or three butcher shops in the Islington area and that they were sold about 1922.  This would be about the time when Robert’s wife Sarah died at 19 Narford Road, Upper Clapton. Robert died on 26th December, 1940 at Hackney Hospital.  Both are buried in Abney Park Cemetery 8. The family can find no trace of Doris. It is from family memory that she existed!!



Augustus Thomas George Curtis  (known as Tom) was born at 22 Elfort Road, Islington, on 6th November 1888 6, the only son of Robert Groves Curtis and Sarah Jane Bugler.  He started out with the London, Edinburgh and Glasgow Assurnace Company, which was later taken over by the Pearle Assurance Company, on 15th November 1903 when he was 14.  He married Louisa Gravatt, daughter of Robert Gravatt and Elizabeth Jesse James in 1908.  They had two daughters:

Edna Irene Violet Curtis, born 2.10.1909 North Leyton, m 1934 to Robert Streatfieldd 1985 Blandford
Doreen May Curtis born 10.7.1912 North Leyton, m 1932 to Laurence Stanley Dellor Howardd 1984 Christchurch

By 1932 Augustus and his family were living at 19 Narford Road, Stoke Newington. At the beginning of the War, Augustus went to Crawley with the Ordinary Branch Valuation Department. He and Louisa moved to a bungalow at 13 South Drive, Cuffley, Herts in 1945/6. He retired from the Pearle on 30th November, 1953. Later, in 1959 they moved to 27 Haynes Road,  West Worthing, where they lived until his death on 10th May, 1962.   Louisa continued to live in Worthing until her daughters moved to Bridport, Dorset where she eventually died in 1973.

Augustus Thomas George Curtis c 1953

Augustus Thomas George Curtis c 1953

 The photo opposite is one of Augustus Thomas George Curtis taken in about 1953, when he retired. 

Doreen, my great aunt married Laurence Stanley Dellor Howard, son of James Williamson Howard and Rose Alma Dellor, on 17th September, 1932 at the parish church of St. Michael and All Angles, Stoke Newington.

Edna, my nanmarried Robert William Streatfield, son of Robert Charles Streatfield and Louisa Maria Hayes in October 1934 at the same church. Below is a photo of Doreen and Edna with their mother.

Doreen, Louisa and Edna Curtis

Doreen, Louisa and Edna Curtis













During my research into the Curtis family at South Perrott, I came across mention of a Samuel Curtis in Quaker books. This Samuel was a clothier and lived in South Perrott during 1657 (see document).*  In the same year, a Samuel Curtis and his wife Elizabeth had a son Roger, born 13.3.1657. This was recorded in the Register of Births belonging to the Monthly Meetings of the Middle Division of Somerset 1644 – 1779. Upon further searching, I found these other children:

Elizabeth Curtis born 4th July, 1650 Crewkerne
Samuel Curtis born 13th March, 1651 Crewkerne, buried 1651
Samuel Curtis born 22 April, 1652 Crewkerne
Joane Curtis born 8th May, 1655 Crewkerne

John Curtis born 7th Feb, 1659 Crewkerne, buried 5th Oct, 1662 Crewkerne

Alas is was also noted that their Roger was buried on 14th May, 1660 Crewkerne. So this Roger cannot be the father of our oldest Roger, although the dates would have been perfect! But is he a relation? The place of abode for Samuel and Elizabeth is not stated in any of the birth or burial records of their children and so we cannot rule out that is was South Perrott; being only 3 miles from Crewkerne.  Until I can access the marriage records and further burials, I cannot confirm whether or not this family belongs to the same Samuel Curtis as mentioned in the previous book. I also need to find out if this family is the same as the one who appeared in “Crewkerne Wood” Alloways Creek, Salem County, New Jersey, in 1679 in a land deed available at the West Jersey History Page. Here the deed states:

“1679, April 11. Deed. John Adams, of New Salem, and wife Elizabeth – to Samuel Curtis, late of Crewkerne, County of Somersett, clothier, for 500 acres, henceforth to be called Crewkerne Wood, in the half allotment of Allawayes, between the Willis plantation, Allawayes Creek and Adams Creek.’

And if they are the same, what is the connection to our Roger, clothworker?           

* Ref: publication “The First publishers of truth being early records of the introduction of Quakerism into the counties of England and Wales / edited by Norman Penney (Soc of Friends)”

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1 South Perrott Parish records 

2 Cheddington parish registers

3 Corscombe parish registers

4 Mosterton parish registers

5 Census records –

6 Birth, marriage or death certificate

7 John & Vikki Harris

8 Burial cards


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  • Ian Booth:

    Dear Juliet
    My wife and I lived in Broadwindsor for 4 years and have just moved back to Essex. There are still many of the Curtis family there. Along with the Saints and the Framptons. These are probably the most commomn surnames in the village. Does that help?

    • Hi Ian,
      Thanks. Although we did have a branch that lived in Broadwindsor, they were not direct ancestors. Ours were from South Perrott and now I am trying to trace back into the possibility that they were Quakers form Somerset originally. Thanks anyway. Juliet

  • Crispin Weston:

    Hello Juliet, I am researching a history of Sort, a cottage and barn which used to be part of Wytherston Farm, near Powerstock. In 1882, letters that are now in the Dorset History Centre show that the tenancy of Wytherston was taken by a John Curtis, whose son lived in a house that used to be at Sort, but burned down in 1910. James died soon after 1901 and his son, John, moved away soon afterwards. Before coming to Wytherston, James had been a tenant of the Vicar of Rampisham, who gave him a very good reference. You don’t know how he might fit in to your family tree, do you? It seems strange that George Curtis and Sarah Groves married at “Wytherston parish church”, if there was no connection. Though in fact, there does not appear to have been any church at Wytherston after the Dissolution of the Monasteries, when Wytherston became an adjunct of Powerstock – so perhaps that is where they got married. Do and I can show you some of James’ letters – though of course, I would be very interested if you knew anything more about James and his son John. We also met a very nice chap called James Curtis, who is the grandson of James the son of John. Perhaps you know them?

    • Hello Crispin,

      Sorry for the delayed response, it seems my email notifications have stopped working.
      My Curtis line went off to London by 1881. I am afraid that I have no knowledge of the cottage of Sort and I do not appear to have a James Curtis of that generation in my tree. Sorry that I cannot help. I know that there were a lot of Curtis’s at that period and your could have been from a branch that I have not yet discovered.
      best of luck in finding the information.


  • George Curtis:

    Dear Juliet

    I am trying to search for George Curtis in my family tree. In the 1861 Census it is recorded that he was born in South Perrot around 1814 (listed as being 47 in 1861). He was a carter and married to Selina and the census lists she was born in Melbury Osmond. His children were Esau Curtis born in Cattistock 19 yrs old in 1861 census, George Curtis 17 in 1861 born in Cattistock, Samuel Curtis 11 years in 1861 and born in Swyre and Emily Curtis, 9 years old in 1861 and born in Swyre.

    The family then seems to have moved to working around the Cheselbourne area. I would like to work further back, but can’t find any George Curtis who was born around those dates in South Perrot and who went on to marry a Selina. I would be grateful if you have come across any links to our line of Curtis’s from South Perrot.


    • Hi Caroline,
      I am so sorry that I have just seen this message on my website. It is supposed to email be notifications but it has not been and I have missed about 5 messages in the last 6 months!
      Leave this one with me as I have several branches from South Perrot which may be hiding your George. I will get back to you if I find anything!
      best wishes

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