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The Shilton family research has so far reached a sticky end in Berkshire.  The man at the top of the family tree is probably Thomas Shilton. There is a tentative link at the moment between him and his probably son, William Shilton, who is definitely our ancestor.  

Thomas Shilton was a publican and married Elizabeth Whiteman on 13th October, 1799 1.  I can find no baptism records that link William  to Thomas at present. The link is from the 1851 census 2 when William is said to have been born in Shellingford, near Faringdon. He was a publican at the time of the 1841 census and it seems likely that he was Thomas’ son, but this needs yet to be confirmed.  Assuming this to be the case, Thomas and Elizabeth had the following children:

William Shilton b 1800? Shellingford
                             m ?? to 
Sarah Ansell
                             d 27.6.1872 Faringdon
Susannah Shilton bp 1.5.1803 Shellingford
                                   m 2.11.1837 Wantage to
 Thomas Hester
                                   d by 1881
Ann Shilton bp 20.7.1806 Shellingford

The marriage entry of Susannah states that she is the daughter of Thomas Shilton, publican, and one witness was Sarah Shilton.  Was this William’s wife?  Thomas was buried on 25th January 1837. His widow Elizabeth is living in Great Faringdon in 1841 with Jane Whaine. Elizabeth died on 8th February, 1846 at Faringdon.

Meanwhile Susannah appears to have died by 1871. Thomas was a Debtor at the county jail in 1871, a widower aged 66.2

William Shilton appears on the 1841 census with his ‘wife’ Sarah nee Ansell and sons John, George and daughter Mary at Windmill Lane, Great Faringdon where he was a Beerhouse Keeper, possibly at the Red House  (which no longer exists). 2  Later census returns lead me to Madingley, Cambridgeshire, where William appears as the father of John and William baptised there in 1827 and 1830. 3  He is stated as William of Chilton nr Hungerford, Berks and was a servant. Perhaps he and Sarah were both in service during this time and could have married nearby somewhere that still eludes me!

Their children were:

John Shilton (Carpenter)  b 1828 Faringdon ? (as per 1841 census)
                                                 bp 30.9.1827 Madingley, Cambs
                                                 m Dec Q 1854 Islington to Elizabeth Willows
                                                 m Dec Q 1885 St Geo. Han Sq. to Mary Willows
                                                 d Sept Q 1900 Islington (aged 73) 
William Shilton (school master) b 1828 London ? (as per 1851 census)
                                                            bp 21.11.1830 Madingley, Cambs
                                                            m 2.1.1856 Chawton to Ann Knight (post mistress)
                                                           d 6.8.1873, bur 10.8.1873 Chawton
Thomas Shilton bp 13.10.1833 Dry Drayton, Cambs
                               bur 20.8.1836 Madingley, Cambs 
George Shilton (butler) born 13.12.1838, bp 20.1.1839 Faringdon, Berks
                                             m 18.8.1874 Pimlico to Mary Jane Footner (b Christchurch)
                                             d 15.4.1914 Tottenham
Mary Ann Shilton bp 20.6.1841 Faringdon, Berks
Thomas Shilton (Carpenter 1871C) b 1845, bp 18.5.1845 Farringdon, Hants
Ellen Shilton b 1847, bp 27.6.1847 Alton, Hants
                            m 1873 Kensington to Matthew Jospeh Lym

In 1851 William and Sarah lived in Chawton, near Alton in Hampshire.  was a butler to Edward Knight and his family at Chawton House, Chawton, Hants. 2 Edward Knight was the nephew of Jane Austen and had inherited Chawton House from his father and her brother Edward Austen Knight.

Sarah and the children were living separately in Chawton Street, Sarah being a farmer of 10 acres. She was stated as being born in Madingley, Cambridgeshire, which may explain the place of baptism of her first two sons. 

Chawton House, Hampshire


Neither are in Chawton by 1861.  William was now back in Faringdon, a Beerhouse keeper, with his two young daughters.  Sarah’s date of death is as yet unclear. At this time, his son Thomas appears to be a Captain’s Steward on board the “Persian”, a Royal Navy Vessel, Off Cape of Good Hope.2

In 1871 William was lodging at the Angel Inn, Market Place, a widower. 2   He died there on 27th June, 1872 of Heart disease, aged 72. No family members were in attendance.   



John Shilton was possibly born in Faringdon, Berks but baptised in 1827 at Madingley, Cambs. 3 He was the son of William Shilton and Sarah of Chilton, Berks.  At the time of the 1851 census when his father and siblings were living at Chawton, Hants, John was a carpenter & joiner lodging at 3 Dorset Street, Islington with Thomas Philips and his wife Mary.  In 1861 he is living in Alma Road, Islington and married to Elizabeth Willows, daughter of James Willows and Mary (whom he married in 1854). At the time of the 1871 census he was at 5 Vorley Road Islington.   His brother Thomas Shilton born in 1845, a Carpenter was living with him. 2  He and Elizabeth had two sons;

John James Shilton b 1856 Islington
                                          bp 25.5.1856 Madingley
Thomas Shilton 
b 1858 Islington
                                  bp 14.3.1858 Madingley

In 1881 he was still living at 5 Vorley Road, London (RG11/0246/88/3). John and Thomas were both clerks. By 1891 John was married to Mary Willows (sister of Elizabeth), whom he married in 1885. Elizabeth had died the previous year. 2 John appears to have died in 1900. 5



[The following information has been obtained by help given to me by Jane Hurst who in turn had inherited a great deal of data on the people of Chawton village, including the Shiltons – Thank you Jane

William Shilton (junior) was born in London on 7th March 1830 but baptised at Madingley on 21st November, 1830. In 1841, when his parents and siblings were in Faringdon, he was living with his grandmother Susan Ancell in Madingley. In 1851 he was a school master living with his mother in Chawton Street, Chawton. 2 On 2nd January,1856 he married Ann Knight, daughter of Richard Knight and Elizabeth of Pond Cottages, Chawton.
William and Ann had nine children:

William Charles Shilton b 1856 Alton, pr bp 8.5.1856 Chawton
                                                  d 1892 Alton
Arthur Thomas Shilton b Alton bp Chawton private
William Charles Shilton b 1857 Alton
                                                  d 1892 Alton
Ada Annie Shilton (school mistress) b 1860 Chawton
                                                                      m 1881 Alton to Harry Gates
George Knight Shilton bp 6.10.1861 Chawton
Elizabeth Emily Shilton (housemaid) b 1864 Chawton
                                                                         m 1893 Alton to ?
Alfred James Shilton b 1868 Chawton

Lilian Maud Shilton bp 11.2.1871 Chawton                                                                                                                                                                                                              d 23.11.1871 bur 27.11.1871 Chawton 

Annie Elsie Shilton b 1873 Chawton
                                         m 1897 Alton to Escott Tate Long

William appears as a Music Professor in 1859 in Alton, according to a trade directory. He was also choir master and the enumerator for the 1871 census.  After William’s death in 1873, Ann became post mistress at Chawton Post office and then married Sergeant William Andrews in 1885.

William was buried at Chawton on August 10th 1873 aged 43.



George Shilton was born on 13th December, 1838 at Windmill Street, Great Faringdon, Berkshire. George married Mary Jane Footner (daughter of George Footner), a domestic servant on 18th August, 1874 at Pimlico. At the time, he was a butler at Little Chester Street, London.
They had two children:
Alice Eleanor Shilton (my great gran)  b 1.6.1875 Westminster
                                             m 16.7.1898  Tottenham to
George Nicholas Kille
                                             d 17.3.1923  Tottenham
George William Shilton (Grocer) b 1882 Pimlico
                                             m 1900 to 
Emma Eliza Gibbens

By 1881 George, Jane and Alice were living at 2 Palace Street, Westminster 2 where George was working for the Lady of the House, Rachel Allen.  By 1891 George was working as a servant at Alderhurst, Egham in Surrey.2 He was now widowed. Mary Jane had died on 16th June, 1888.  By the time of the 1901 George was working as a Domestic Butler in Kensington.  2  He died on 15th April, 1914 4 and is buried at Tottenham cemetery.

Alice Eleanor Shilton was born on 1st June, 1875 at Westminster. In 1891 she and her brother, George were living at Evelyn Place, Tottenham with her aunt and uncle Ellen and Jospeh Lym and their family.
She was living at 162 Church Road, Tottenham when she married George Nicholas Kille on 16th July, 1898 at Tottenham. 4 This was where they were living when her first daughter Grace Winifred Kille was born in 1899.

Her brother George William Shilton was born in 1882 in Pimlico. He was a Grocer and ran a sweet shop in Church Road, Tottenham.  He married Emma Eliza Gibbens in Tottenham in 1900 and in 1901 they lived at 16 Gloucester Road, Edmonton. 2 They had two sons:

George Albert Shilton b 1901 Edmonton (known as cousin Bert)
                                               m 1924 to Maud Lottie Hammatt                                                                                                                   
                                               d 1981 Tottenham
Roy William Shilton b 1911 Edmonton                                                                                                                                                                                                                      d 1952 Tottenham

For a long time, it was assumed that this photograph was of George Shilton and his wife Mary Jane.  However, once we saw the photographs of Bert Lym’s wedding, which took place in 1901 (and therefore long after Mary  Jane had died), we realised that it was more likely to be  his youngest sister Ellen Shilton now Ellen Lym.  Ellen married Matthew Joseph Lym in 1873 at Kensington. 


They had four sons:

Joseph George Lym b 1874
                                        d 1876
William Walter Lym b 1875 Hammersmith
Herbert Shilton Lym b 1879 Edmonton
    m 1906 Edmonton to Florence Victoria Hardy
                                       d 1961
George Lym b 1886 Tottenham





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2 census returns from ancestry

3 Madingley Parish registers

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