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I must begin by thanking the two people most responsible for the initial research into this Kille family; namely Bob Kille (who sadly died early 2013) and Lorna English, who between them, did most of the legwork. I first contacted Lorna back in 1980s when I first got the ‘bug’. Since the early 1990s I have been able to contribute research into my own branch.  In 2001, Bob and Lorna submitted the Kille family History to the Society of Geneologists. That family history is a lot more extensive than what I have here – covering all known descendants of the Hampshire and Sussex Kills and their variants and progression to other areas of the country and further afield.  I have a copy of this if anyone wants any information. 



Reference to Maud Kille Wiltshire


 So far as our research has shown the Kille family (also spelt Kill and Kiln) originate from Hampshire although there may be some earlier connection with Wiltshire.  There is reference to a Maud Kille during the reign of Charles I in 1644 in Wiltshire (Abstracts of Inquisitiones Post Mortem Returned Into the Court of Chancery, 1327-1377). 

Our earliest confirmed ancestor is Francis Kill born abt 1620. Francis had his children baptised in both Farringdon and Newton Valence but his grandchildren were all baptised in Binsted near Alton and this is where he may have lived during his later years; he was also buried there.

I have tried without success to connect Francis to the few earlier Kills mentioned in the early registers ie, Robert Kill of Newton Valence who left a will in 1662.  This mentions a son Edward Kill (possibly Edward of Beaulie who married Jane Warn in 1678?), and another Robert Kill of Newton Valence.  Edward Kill, of Beaulie left a will in 1671 which is unfortunately unreadable. 



What we know is that France Kill was a Yeoman of Binsted when he made his will dated 15th November, 1692. He was born possibly as early as 1610 but we cannot be sure.  He married Elizabeth.  [There is a Francis Keale who married Elizabeth Fawlkoner on 26th May, 1654 at Fletching, Sussex.  We wondered if was our Francis, albeit a little late for some of his children; a second marriage perhaps? However, I have found reference to 5 Keale children born to Francis in Fletching at this time 1, so have since ruled him out].  We do know that all the children of our Francis were ‘of Francis and Elizabeth, his wife’.  According to the parish records of both Newton Valence and Farringdon, these are the children born to Francis Kill:

Rose Kell bp 11.3.1637 Newton Valence                                                                                                                                                                                               bur 21.6.1640 Farringdon
Elizabeth Kell bp 4.4.1641 Farringdon (not mentioned in will)
Mary Kill bp 7.5.1643 Farringdon                                                                                                                                                                                                           m 22.10.1667 Newton Valence to Thomas Turnville
John Kill bp 4.1644 Farringdon                                                                                                                                                                                                             bur 15.3.1645 Farringdon
Clare kill  b abt 1647? bp 19.6.1678 Newton Valence (baptised the same day as her baby son, William Tilbury)                                                           m abt 1677? to William Tilbury                                                                                                                                                                              bur 13.12.1678 Newton Valence                                                                                                                                                              Abraham Kill bp 10.11.1652 Farringdon                                                                                                                                                                                                      m abt 1689 to Elizabeth ?                                                                                                                                                                                             bur 3.7.1695 Binsted 4                                                                                                                                                                Laurence Kill b 1657 ? Binsted                                                                                                                                                                                                                        m 1681 Selbourne to Joan Looe                                                                                                                                                                               bur 14.4.1708 Binsted
Samuel Kille/Kell b abt 1653                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   m 15.2.1679 Newton Valence to Joan Turner                                                                                                                                                         bur 25.5.1721 Binsted

In his will of 1692 he left 10 shillings each to his daughter Mary, son-in-law Thomas Turnville and grandson William Tilbury, 5 shillings each to Abraham and Laurence and the children of Mary.   He also left all his lands in Isington (a hamlet just north of Binsted) to his grand-daughter Elizabeth (daughter of Samuel) 2.  Francis died in 1692; buried in Binsted on 23 December 4.  



Laurence Kill was born abt 1657 at Binsted, the son of Francis Kill and Elizabeth. He married Joan Looe in Selborne in 1682 and they lived in Binsted, near Alton.  They had three children;

Elizabeth Kill bp 1.1.1682 Binsted                                                                                                                                                                                                                 bur 11.8.1684 Binsted
Samuel Kill bp 2.10.1687 Binsted                                                                                                                                                                                                              m 1.10.1716 East Meon to Elizabeth Adams (born 1696)                                                                                                                                            bur 3.4.1732 St. James East Meon
James Kill bp 12.1.1695 Binsted

Not a lot is known about Laurence but he is mentioned in some deeds relating to a messuage late Yaldens and lands at Binsted. In 1695 this was described as a messuage in two messuages and two acres of land adjoining and a purrock of land on the west side of Searle Meade and two acres of land in Westfield near Stents Dell and one acre in Lipscombe Field. It was sold by John Fox to Lawrence Kill in 1695, then mortgaged by Kill and passed into the Fisher family 5.
Laurence Kill was buried in Binsted on 14th April, 1708 and Joan on 6.7.1716



Samuel Kill, the second born child of Laurence Kill and Joan Looe, was baptised on 2nd October, 1687 at Binsted, near Alton, Hampshire.  He married Elizabeth Adams, daughter of Samuel Adams and Jane, on 1st October, 1716 at East Meon parish church.  Samuel and Elizabeth settled in East Meon and began a line of at least 5 generations born in that village. They had five children 3:

Samuel Kill bp 15.9.1717 East Meon                                                                                                                                                                                                          bur 15.11.1717 East Meon
James Kill bp 30.11.1718 East Meon
Betty Kill bp 11.3.1722  East Meon, m 1748
Samuel Kiln/Kill  (labourer) bp 31.19.1724 East Meon                                                                                                                                                                                                        m 5.10.1749 East Meon to Mary Mills                                                                                                                                                                     bur 6.2.1814 East Meon
Ann  Kiln  b 1729, bp 14.2.1730 East Meon

Samuel was buried on 3rd April 1732 and Elizabeth remarried on 22nd October, 1733 at East Meon to William Carter 3.



Samuel Kiln (Kill) born 1724 married  Mary Mills on 5th October, 1749 at East Meon 3.
They had 16 children between 1750 and 1775 3 (including a second William who was apparently the son of another Samuel, a relative):

Mary Kiln b 14.6.1750 East Meon
Elizabeth Kiln b 1750 East Meon?
Elizabeth Keil  b 25.8.1751  East Meon  
Samuel Kiln b 29.4.1753 East Meon,                                                                                                                                                                                                           m 26.1.1792 East Meon to Olive Newland                                                                                                                                                              d 31.12.1840, bur 5.1.1841 East Meon
Grace  Kiln b 25.11. 1764 East Meon                                                                                                                                                                                                         m 19.2.1781 Froxfield to John Hall
John Kiln b 11.5.1757 East Meon                                                                                                                                                                                                             bur 22.3.1757 East Meon
James Kiln  b 3.1.1758 East Meon
Ann Kille b 13.4.1760  East Meon                                                                                                                                                                                                           d 30.4.1768,  bur 2.5.1768 East Meon
Sarah Kille b 19.2.1762 East Meon                                                                                                                                                                                                            d 4.5.1768,  bur 7.5.1768 East Meon
John  Kiln  b 5.6. 1763 East Meon
Thomas Kiln b 21.4.1765 East Meon                                                                                                                                                                                                             m 23.7.1789 East Meon to Ann Oakshott                                                                                                                                                                d 7.4.1790,  bur 10.4.1790 East Meon
Mary Kiln b 16.2.1766 East Meon
William  Kill  bp 8.2.1767 East Meon                                                                                                                                                                                                           d 28.3.1769,  bur 31.3.1769 East Meon
Joseph Kill b 7.11.1769 East Meon                                                                                                                                                                                                             d 27.2.1779, bur 1.3.1779  East Meon
Hannah Kill  b 22.12.1771  East Meon                                                                                                                                                                                                          d 28.1.1779, bur 31.1.1779 East Meon
Henry Kill b 3.1.1774 East Meon, d 1796
William Kill  b 1769 East Meon (son of another Samuel Kiln, labourer)?? [not sure about this]

Samuel was described in the East Meon parish records as both a labourer and a pauper.  His wife Mary was buried on 22nd January, 1806 and also described as a pauper.
Samuel was buried on 6th February, 1814 at East Meon aged 90 3.



The next Samuel Kiln, born 1753, was the eldest son of Samuel Kiln and Mary Mills.  He married Olive Newland, daughter of Richard and Olive Newland on 26th January 1792 at East Meon 3.  Between  1793 and 1814 they had twelve children 3.

Samuel Kill b 13.3 1793, bp 31.3.1793 East Meon                                                                                                                                                                                   m 13.4.1819 East Meon to Sarah Eames                                                                                                                                                                d 3.10.1856 East Meon
Jane Kiln bp 14.9.1794 East Meon                                                                                                                                                                                                         m 23.7.1819 Catherington to ?
Henry  Kill  bp 6.6.1796 East Meon                                                                                                                                                                                                           d 29.1.1817 East Meon
James Kill (Ag. labourer) bp 26.2.1798 East Meon                                                                                                                                                                                                          m 24.5.1827 East Meon to Ann Porter                                                                                                                                                                      d 9.9.1884 Alvestoke
Joseph Kiln (Bricklayer) b 10.11.1799 East Meo                                                                                                                                                                                                             m 31.7.1827 East Meon to Sarah Marshall (b 1804 Petersfield)                                                                                                                               bur 11.7.1867 East Meon
Nicholas Kill (Agricultural labourer) bp 21.11.1801 East Meon                                                                                                                                                                                                         m 24.8.1822 Terwick to Grace Lavender                                                                                                                                                                  bur 3.8.1859 East Meon
John Kiln b 6.11.1803 East Meon
George Kill (Grocer) bp 8.9.1805 East Meon                                                                                                                                                                                                          m 12.5.1845 East Meon to Lydia Warre                                                                                                                                                                    bur 7.11.1882 East Meon
Stephen Kiln bp 22.11.1807 East Meon                                                                                                                                                                                                       m 25.4.1832 East Meon to Harriot Newland
William Kill (Wheelwright – lived at Frogmore Mill) b 24.12.1809 East Meon                                                                                                                                                                                                        m 8.4.1835 Portsea to Eleanor New                                                                                                                                                                           bur 7.7.1884 East Meon
Benjamin Kiln b 5.4.1812 East Meon                                                                                                                                                                                                             m 18.2.1833 to Elizabeth Smith                                                                                                                                                                              bur 13.10.1876 East Meon
Daniel Kiln b 24.4.1814 Est Meon

Olive died in 1831 and was buried on 18th February aged 62 and Samuel was buried on 5th January, 1841 aged 87 3.



Nicholas Kill, born in 1801, was an agricultural labourer.  He married Grave Lavender (daughter of William and Ann Lavender of Rigate, Sussex) on 24 August 1822 at Terwick, Sussex.  They lived in Frogmore, a small hamlet just outside East Meon. They had ten children between 1822 and 1845 3;

Ann Kill b 29.12.1822 East Meon
Nicholas Kill (Thatcher) b 28.11.1824 East Meon                                                                                                                                                                                                         m1 6.9.1845 East Meon to Jane Love                                                                                                                                                                           m2 1895 Petersfield to Marion Reed                                                                                                                                                                         d 1906 East Meon
Elizabeth Kill b 4.3.1827 East Meon
Ellen Kill b 13.9.1829 East Meon
Jane Maria Kill  b 22.1.1832 East Meon
William Kill (Labourer) bp 1.3.1835 East Meon                                                                                                                                                                                                             m 1873 Bromley to Eliza Miller                                                                                                                                                                                   d 17.9.1903 Tottenham
John Kill (Labourer) b 2.7.1837 East Meon                                                                                                                                                                                                               d 1910 Malden
Lewis Stephen Kill b 12.4.1840 East Meon                                                                                                                                                                                                          d 8.12.1932 Frogmore
Walter Kille b 25.9.1842 East Meon                                                                                                                                                                                                          m 12.6.1870 East Meon to Sarah Ann Deadman                                                                                                                                                      d 1906 East Meon
George Kille b 31.3.1845 bp 11.5.1845 East Meon                                                                                                                                                                                  m1 18.8.1872 Camberwell to Margaret McCraken (born 1848 Glenluce)                                                                                                              m2 13.4.1884 St. Jame’s Church, Islington to Annie Curry                                                                                                   d 27.4.1899 Charing Cross, bur 4.5.1899 St. Pancras cemetery

Nicholas died in 1858 and was buried at East Meon on 3rd August 3. Grace remarried John Smith on 26th April 1869 at East Meon 1.



William Kill, a labourer and brick-maker was the middle child of Nicholas Kill and he married Eliza Miller on 18th October, 1873 6. It appears that they never had any children of their own but they raised their nephew George Nicholas Kille born 1872; the son of William’s youngest brother George and his wife Margaret McCraken. By the time of the 1881 census, the boy George Nicholas aged 9 was living with his uncle and his wife Eliza at 8 Nursery Street, Tottenham.  I have still not been able to find his father on 1881 or any mention of his mother’s death, but I have to assume that she had died by this time. My grandmother (Win) had in her possession, the requisition for an authorized birth certificate for her father (George Nicholas) required by his school, with the marriage certificate of William and Eliza. At the time, I did not know why William would have had this – it now makes perfect sense.

George Kille was born on 31st March, 1845 in Oxenbourne, East Meon 6.  He married Margaret McCraken (born at Glenluce, Wigland in about 1848) daughter of Alexander McCraken, on 18 August, 1872 at Camberwell parish church 6

[NOTE: Although the marriage certificate states that her father is Alexander McCracken, an Overseer, there is no direct evidence of this. I seems likely that she is the daughter of a George McCracken (who had an older brother Alexander) and that her step father was Alexander McClery.  I have produced a sheet of McCracken family branches/groups in order to try and get to the bottom of who her father actually is!]

At the time of their marriage, George lived in St George Street, Camberwell. He was a Drayman with Whitbread Breweries. Margaret was a servant living at Peckahm Rye in Camberwell in the 1871 census 7.  George and Margaret had one son:

George Nicholas Kille, born 27.11.1872 at 20 Acorn Street, Camberwell                                                                                                                                                              m 16.7. 1898 Tottenham to Alice Eleanor Shilton                                                                                                                                                  d 11.4.1941 Tottenham

There is no evidence of any siblings and there was no sign of the family in 1881 until I found George Nicholas, aged 9 living with his uncle William Kill and his wife Eliza at 8 Nursery Street, Tottenham. Due to this fact, I had assumed that George and Margaret had both died by this time. Then by chance George appeared on the 1891 Census living at 87 Belgrave Road, Hammersmith.  He was aged 46, a brewer’s Drayman and had a new wife Annie, aged 33 7.  I still have not been able to find any sign of George or Margaret in the 1881 census, nor had I been able to find the actual death of Margaret.

 I noted that Piece No. 693 is missing from the 1881 census; this covers house numbers 17-22 Cunard Street, Camberwell which was is very close to Acorn Street which, where George and Margaret lived in November, 1872. This could explain why George was missing. Was Margaret with him?  If she had been, why leave their son with George’s brother?   There are no death records for a Margaret Kill between 1872 and 1884 when George remarried. The only death record was for 1890 and she was 42 8. The right age. This Margaret died in Colney Lunatic Asylum at Freirn Barnet.  I then found that she had been admitted on 13th February, 1877 and died on 19th January, 1890.  She was present there in the 1881 census, although all inmates were noted with their initials – there is M.K., married aged 33, again the right age 7.  Sadly the death certificate does not state if she were married but simply a servant of 10 Lizard Street, St. Lukes 6. Inconclusive.  Did George remarry, calling himself a widower while his wife was in an asylum?? Research tells me that he would not be the first!

There are no death entries ofGeorge married Annie Curry, spinster and daughter of John Curry, boot maker and Adelaide Taylor on 13th April, 1884 at St. Jame’s Church, Islington 6.  Annie’s sister Caroline Curry was a witness. Before I had confirmation from the marriage certificate that she had been a spinster, I had assumed that Annie had been married before as in the 1881 census she was living with her mother Adelaide, as Annie Lane, married with two children, Edward and Alice Lane born in Hoxton. However, she was never married at this stage. All this implies that they were two illegitimate children and that she was pretending to be married to the father. According to this 1891 census, George and Annie also had the following children; 

Edward Curry/Lane b abt 1876 Hoxton
Alice Rachel Curry/Kill b abt 1879 Hoxton                                                                                                                                                                                                                  m 18.12.1909 Christchurch, Leyton, Essex to Arthur Lefevre                                                                                                                               d 1941 Brentwood?                  
Albert Edward Kill b 9.2.1885 Islington, bp 29.7.1888 Barnes St. Mary                                                                                               Charles Ernest Kill b 12.6.1887 Islington, bp 29.7.1888 Barnes St. Mary                                                                                                                                                      m 1910 Fulham  to Sarah Victoria E Eley
Adelaide May Kill b 23.5.1888 East Sheen, bp 29.7.1888 Barnes St. Mary                                                                                                                                                   d 1888                                                                                                                                                                                             Harry Frederick Kill b 1889 Hammersmith                                                                                                                                                                                                            d 1911 Fulham

[I have been able to confirm that the birth of Edward and Alice were registered under the name Curry and not Lane 8, plus Alice was registered as Alice Kill dau of George at the time of her marriage]

I found that three of their children; Albert, Charles and Adelaide were all baptised on 29th July, 1888 at Barnes St Mary 1.  I have not been able to find baptism for Frederick. George died on 27th April, 1899 aged 50, at Charing Cross Hospital. He had been living at 27 Mardale Street, Goldhawk Road, Hammersmith and this was also the address of his son Albert Kill who was the informant at the time 6Annie, now widowed at the time of the 1901 census, was living with daughter Alice and sons Charles and Harry at 113 Shepherds Bush Rd, Hammersmith 7.    Her son Albert was 16 and a servant living at 109 Cromwell Road, Kensington.  There is no sign of the eldest son Edward as Lane or Curry. 

At the time of the 1911 census Annie was living at 19 Wardo Avenue, Fulham, a fancy and chocolate box maker. Her son Charles with his wife Victoria were living at 26A Peterboro Road, Fulham where he is stated as being a launch builder, and her daughter Alice and her husband Arthur Lefevre were living at 57 Coronation Road, Plaistow, West Ham where Arthur was a Dock Labourer born at Bethnal Green 7.  They had married on 18th December, 1909 at Christchurch, Leyton; she used the name Kill rather than Lane 8. I then found Annie by chance on the Probate registers of where it appears that she died on 31st January, 1928 aged 70 at 25 King Edward Street, Whitstable leaving her effects to daughter Alice now the wife of Arthur Lefevre.



George Nicholas Kille was the only son George Kill and Margaret McCracken, born on 26th November, 1872 at 20 Acorn Street, Camberwell, Surrey.  He was baptised at St. Gile’s, Camberwell on 20th April, 1873.  On the reverse side of his birth certificate (which my Nan, Win, had in her possession) was a requisition of an authorised birth certificate required by his school, the Lancastrian Boys School, Tottenham which was dated 6th January, 1879. 

George Nicholas Kille (1872-1941)

George Nicholas Kille c.1898

It had been thought that both his parents had died, as neither parents can be found in the 1881 census but I recently found his father, George, alive and remarried in the 1891 Census!. The reason he was living with his uncle and not his father at this time is unknown and I have not been able to find out what happened to his mother. Win, to my knowledge, had no idea that her grandfather had ever remarried and certainly no idea that he had had half brothers and sisters.    

In 1891 George Nicholas was still living with William and Eliza at Village Cottages, Church Road, Tottenham 7.  He was an office boy aged 19.3 [note: the family were incorrectly transcribed on the census as ‘Kitt’, hence they took a long time to find]

He married Alice Eleanor Shilton, daughter of George Shilton and Mary Jane Footner, on 16th July, 1898 at Tottenham 6. At the time of their marriage, George was living at 80 Church Road, Tottenham. They had two daughters:

Grace Winifred Kille (known as Win – my nan) born 18.5.1899 Tottenham, m 29.10.1930 Tottenham to Alfred J. G Howard, d 1975 Yeovil, Somerset
Doris Kathleen Kille b 1907 Tottenham, m 1932 to Alfred Tickner, d 1950 Edgeware

Alice and her father George Shilton at the Kille shop c 1900

Alice and her father George Shilton at the Kille shop      c 1906



In May 1899 when my nan Grace Winifred (Win) was born they lived at 162 Church road 6 and George was a stationer’s warehouseman. At the time of the 1901 census, they were living nearby at 13 Northumberland Grove 7. We know that at some point they ran a sweetshop at 86 Church Road (see left) although we are not sure exactly when this was. However, they were certainly living there at the time of the 1911 census; Win was 11 and Doris was 4 and Alice’s father George Shilton was living with them 7.    

It is thought that Alice became unwell after having Doris and became wheelchair bound.  Win looked after her mother and helped in the shop until Alice died on 17th March, 1923. She was buried in Tottenham cemetery. 



Grave Winifred Kille (1899 - 1975)

Grace Winifred Kille (1899 – 1975)

Win lived with her father, looking after the shop until after her marriage to married Alfred James George Howard, son of James Williamson Howard and Rose Dellor, on 29th October, 1930. Her first fiancee had been killed in the first world war (alas we do not know his name).  In 1939 Win and Alf moved to 80 St Paul’s Road, Tottenham and George went to live with them until his death on 11 April, 1941. George is buried in the same grave at Alice in Tottenham cemetery (Private Grave no. 5915).


Doris Kathleen Kille (1907 - 1950)

Doris Kathleen Kille (1907 – 1950)

Doris married Alfred Tickner in 1932 and they had one son Anthony Tickner born in 1944 at Edgeware. 

Doris died in 1950 aged 43 after contracting pneumonia. 










DNA Matches

I have DNA matches with:

the descendant of Susan Kill, daughter of Benjamin Kill born 1812 (youngest brother of Nicholas) and Elizabeth Smith of East Meon;

the descendant of Ellen Kill born 1829, daughter of Nicholas Kill and Grave Lavender; 

Seven separate 5th and 6th cousins from descendants of Olive Newland’s (wife of Samuel Kiln) brother William Newland born 1766 and her sisters Hannah born 1769,  Martha born 1766 and Jane born 1780. 





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1 baptisms, marriages and burials from

2 Will of Francis Kill 1692

3 East Meon parish registers

4 NBI (National burial index)

5 Hampshire Manorial records ref 57M78/E/T368

6 birth, death and marriage certificates

7 census returns

8 freebmd




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  • Robin Baker:

    Happy Christmas ! Superb site! Have been searching my family history and appears that Anne Kill (b East Meon 1822) would be related as Great Great Grandmother) as she Married Henry Purchase ,had daughter Florence Grace Purhase,who married Thomas William Baker,(jeweller Pawnbroker Commercial Road Portsmouth).their son Maurice E.T Baker,his youngest son Harold L G P Baker bn 1925 and his youngest son Robin Baker… Kind regards and please stay well! Robin Baker .

  • Amanda F:

    Hi Juliet.
    I’m another very distant relative. I’m the great granddaughter of the Samuel Gilbert Kille b 1887 shown on the far left bottom of your family tree graphic on this page. My grandfather was another Samuel Gilbert Kille b1923 in Nova Scotia, Canada. I don’t know the exact date of death for SG Kille b 1887 but I know that he died when my grandfather was a baby. Thank you so much for putting this all together. I’d done a bit of family tree digging a few years back and had found the East Meon records but it’s nice to connect it into such a thoroughly researched tree. I’ve shared this with my mother too.

    • Hi Amanda,
      Thank you for the kind words and I am glad it has helped. I cannot take all the credit though as in the early days I was helped quite a bit by Bob Kill from the USA and Lorna English who had also done quite a lot of groundwork!

  • Anthony Tickner:

    I am the Anthony Tickner mentioned in the last section.
    I still remember going to see my Aunt Win and Uncle Alf at their home at 80 St Paul’s Road Tottenham.
    I was born at Bushey Maternity Hospital (near Watford) on Christmas eve 1940
    I was married to Carol Ann Jones from Tottenham on the 26th March 1966 at Great Parndon, Harlow
    We have three sons, Robert, James and Stuart. We are blessed with two grandsons.

    • Hi Anthony, Sorry for the late reply – My website does always alert me when I get messages!
      I remember meeting you at Harlow? Not sure the year, but mum and dad managed to track you down and we came over while we were travelling around. Mum and dad are still going strong, She is 84 and dad is 82. They are both great grandparents now as my daughter had a baby girl in December 2017.
      It’s great to hear from you. I will email you properly and send over some photos!
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  • Jane Hurst:

    I see that you spell some of the villages around Alton (where I live and volunteer at our Curtis Museum) different ways. I know that spellings varied in the past but it can lead to confusion if you do not use the modern spellings – for example: Binsted is near Alton while Binstead is on the Isle of Wight, and Selbourne does not exist while Selborne does but Holyborne does not but Holybourne does.

    I know that this person is probably not related but:-
    8 March 1841 Advert from James Kill, James Knight and Henry Bicknell of Bentworth appologising for disturbing a Primative Methodist Meeting at Bentworth. Witness – John Richardson of Alton. (Hants Chron)

    You say ‘including a second William who was adopted from a relative’ but there was no such thing as an adoption of a person until the 1920s (despite people saying that Jane Austen’s brother, Edward, was ‘adopted’) – one could only adopt something like an act of parliament. A person could be taken into a family and/or made an heir (as was Edward Austen). When adopted one looses all legal connection with one’s birth family – a thing which would never have been agreed to in the past. Yours Jane

    • Thanks, Jane. I will look at the spellings and I realize that about adoptions – I checked out the dates for another family I was researching. I think he was probably ‘taken in’ so to speak and this is something I was told about by the original researcher and I have not really been able to confirm it, so I will go back and re-word that!

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