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I have corresponded with many Bibby researchers but none, apart from Sonia Breen, appear to be connected to our branch.  


Are our Bibby’s connected to the Bibby Shipping Line family? At this point in time, I can find no connection, but it is possible that when  I get back a bit further, there may well be. I was stuck for long time on Alexander Bibby, a Millwright, who married Mary Molyneux on 26th May, 1822 at St. Peter’s Church, Liverpool. We know that he died early as Mary remarried in 1831 but that was it. There were a few Alexander Bibbys documented who would have been born at the right time, but these were accounted for by other researchers.  Then we got a breakthrough when Sonia found a burial for an Alexandra Bibby in 1826 at Garston Chapel, aged 34.  This then tied in with a family of Bibbys all baptised at St. Michael’s Garston and the father was Alexander, a miller!  From there, I have hit a problem as this latter miller would have been born about the right time to be the son and heir of another Alexander Bibby, miller of Flint, except for the fact that this one appears to be accounted for also! So I am again looking for a “spare” Alexander Bibby born about 1760; if anyone has one, or has a link with Alexander Bibby, miller of Flint and his wife Sarah Jackson, or Alexander Bibby, miller and wife Sarah Haslsall, please get in touch, as you may be able to help me out!!  



I can be pretty sure that I have an Alexander Bibby born abt 1760 who was miller and married Sarah Halsall on 20th May, 1782 at Childwall. They had the following children, all baptsied at St. Michael’s Garston 1, (apart from an earlier base-born daughter Elizabeth who was born at Childwall): 

Elizabeth Bibby b 9.7.1776 Childwall (apparently states daughter of Alexander Bibby and Sarah Halsall)
James Bibby (Millright) b 2.11.1782, bp 24.11.1782 Garston, m 4.9.1810 Liverpool to Mary Buttery
William Bibby b 20.7.1784, bp 29.8.1784 Garston, bur 2.9.1787 Garston 
Mary Bibby b 4.3.1787, bp 1.6.1787 Garston
Sarah Bibby, b 23.6.1789, bp 19.7.1789 Garston
Alexander Bibby (Millwright) b 29.5.1792, bp 1.7.1792 Garston, m 26.5.1822 Liverpool St. Peter to Mary Molyneux

Alexander may be have been born in Flint, but that is looking more unlikely, I cannot yet be certain. He was however, buried at Garston St. Michael on 8th May, 1794 1(no age given).



His son, Alexander Bibby, born 1792 was a millwright and married Mary Molyneux on 26th May, 1822 at St. Peter’s Church, Liverpool.  They had the following children 2:

William Bibby (Shipwright) bp 23.3.1823 Liverpool St. Peter, m ? to Jane Greggs (born 1826)
Sarah Bibby bp 3.4.1825 Liverpool St. Peter, bur 29.9.1825 Garston St. Michael 5
Ellen Bibby bp 22.10.1826 Liverpool St. Peter, bur 20.1.1827 Garston St. Michael 5

Alexander appears to have died in 1826, buried at Garston Chapel on 12th November, 1826 aged just 34 1, between the deaths of his two daughters. Mary remarried another millwright; Owen Owens on 28th August, 1831 at Liverpool St. David. A daughter, Ann Jane Owens, was however baptized on 20th July, 1828 also at St. David’s (died by the 1841 census).  According to the register,  her father was Owen Owens, so we wonder why Mary and Owen waited until 1831 until they married?  They had the following further children, gleaned from Liverpool parish registers 2 and the 1841 census 3:

William Owens bp 11.9.1831 Liverpool  St. David (d before 1841?)
Mary Ellen Owens bp 15.3.1835 Liverpool St. Peter, (d by 1851?)
John Owens b 1838 Liverpool
Richard Owens bp 1.11.1840 Liverpool St. Peter                                                                                                                                         

At the time of the 1841 census they lived at Roscoe Street, Liverpool. Apart from the above mentioned three children, William, Mary’s eldest son, a Shipwright was present. However, there was no sign of Sarah or Ellen Bibby, nor Ann Jane or William Owens, so we have too assume that all four children had died before 1841.  In 1851, Owen, Mary, John and Richard were living at 5 Court, Rosco Lane and according to this census Mary was born abt 1806 in Liverpool and Owen in 1798 also Liverpool 3.  Owen died in 1859 and was buried 13th march that year at Toxteth cemetery 6. Mary cannot be found in the 1861 census, so it is presumed she died sometime, between 1851 and 1861. 



William Bibby born 1823 was a Shipwright.  In 1841 when he was living with his mother and step father Owen Owens in Liverpool, he was described then as being 15 but his age was probably rounded down (as was the norm for the 1841 census) and he was in fact, by then 18 years old . He may well have served an apprenticeship. He married Jane Greggs (daughter of John Greggs, sail maker and Sarah Hutchinson both from Cumbria) on 25th February, 1847 at Liverpool St. Matthews 4.

William and Jane had six children, all baptised at Liverpool, St. Peters 2:

John Greggs Bibby b Feb 1848 Liverpool, bp 27.2.1848 Liverpool St Peter, d 1849 (aged 1) Birkenhead
Alexander William Bibby (Clockfitter) b 185o Tranmere, bp 6.4.1851 Liverpool St Peter, m ? to Jane Timmons
Sarah Jane Bibby b 1853 Birkenhead, bp 4.4.1853 Liverpool St Peter, died by 1861
John Owen Bibby (Ship’s Steward) b 14.3.1855 Liverpool, bp 7.5.1855 Liverpool St Peter, m 22.8.1878 Liverpool to Hannah Simpson, d by 1901
Jane Ann Bibby b 3Q 1857 Liverpool, bp 24.8.1857 Liverpool St Peter, d 1861 bur 10.3.1861 Toxteth cemetery 6
William Molyneux Bibby (Boatbuilder) b 25.12.1861 Liverpool, bp 17.8.1862 Liverpool St Peter, m 1882 Toxteth Park to Mary A Rowlands

In 1851, William, Jane and son Alexander were living with Jane’s parents at 11 Albert Place, Tranmere. There is no sign of William after that date 3.  In both the 1861 and 1871 censuses, Jane is listed as “wife” of William so it is assumed that he was still alive at this time. I have no idea when or where William died but Jane died in 1872 at Rathbone Street aged 47 4.  In 1878 when his son John Owen married, William is stated as being a Carpenter and is not described as being deceased, but that in itself does not proved he wasn’t. 



 Alexander Bibby, born in 1850 at Tranmere, was a clockfitter in 1881, living at 38 Aberdeen Street, Toxteth Park, Liverpool.  He was married to Jane (Timmons ?) and they were living with Kate E A Timmons (his step daughter) and his brother William M Bibby, a boatbuilder.  In 1901, Alexander was still living in the same household as his brother William and his family3. he died aged 55 at Toxteth Park Workhouse and was buried on 9th November, 1909 at Toxteth cemetery 6.

John Owen Bibby was the second surviving son of William Bibby, Shipwright and Jane Greggs, born on 14th March 1855 at 40 Roscoe Street, Liverpool 4. John Owen was a Ship’s Steward. He married Hannah Simpson, daughter of George Simpson, Carpenter, on 22nd August, 1878 at St. Luke’s church, Liverpool 4. John and Hannah had three children:  

William George Bibby (Ship’s Steward) b 11.11.1878 Toxteth Park, m 25.12.1901 St Matthews Bootle to Annie Elizabeth Dunn, d 17.3.1955 Wavertree, Liverpool
Hannah Elizabeth Bibby b 1880 Liverpool, m 1901 Walton St Mary to Henry (Jack) Mayne
Eleanor Bibby b 1896? m ? to ? Woodward (they had a daughter called Edna May Woodward)

In 1881, the family were living at 21 Danton Road, Toxteth Park. John’s wife Hannah was described as a book folder and sewer 3.  I have no knowledge of John Owen after this date.  He was dead by the time his son William George married in 1901.  There is one possibility and that is a death at sea of a John Bibby on the Harvest Maid certified in January 1892 4. The ship had been missing since 6th December 1891 and the man in question was about 35 which would be about right.  I cannot find anything further of Hannah either. 



William George Bibby

William George Bibby b 1878

William George Bibby was the eldest child of John Own Bibby, Ship’s Steward and Hannah Simpson, born on 11th November, 1878 at 2 Aberdeen Street, Toxteth Park, Liverpool 4. William George married Annie Elizabeth Dunn, daughter of George Dunn, carter, on 25th December, 1901 at St. Matthew’s church, Bootle 4. At the time of their marriage they were both living at 432 Hawthorne Road. I have been unable to find them on the 1901 census. William was a Ship’s Steward in the Merchant Navy. He and Annie Elizabeth had four children:


William Alfred Bibby (Merchant Seaman) b 6.7.1903 Liverpool, m 1925 to Edith Neil Birkenhead,  d 1955 Birkenhead
John Owen Bibby (Seaman) b 1905 West Derby, m Yolana ?
Doris Bibby b 15.11.1911 Kikdale, m 10.8.1935 to Ernest Pople, d 1994
Cecil Bibby (Bricklayer) b 4.1.1915, m 1920 Anfield to Elizabeth Ralphs, d 1991 Birkenhead

William George died aged 77 on 17th March, 1955 of heart failure at his home in Allerton, Wavertree, only two months after the death of his eldest son William Alfred 4.  His wife Annie died in 1936 at a Liverpool hospital.



William Alfred Bibby b 1903

William Alfred Bibby b 1903



William Alfred Bibby was born 6th July, 1903 at Liverpool 4.  He was a Merchant seaman and married Edith Neil, daughter of John Neil and Pheobe Sanderson, in 1925 at Birkenhead.  They had four children from 1926 to 1943 at Birkenhead [still living].  William Alfred died in January 1955. 









William Molyneux Bibby born in 1861 was the youngest child of William Bibby and Jane Greggs. He was a boatbuilder and married Mary Alice Rowland (daughter of John Rowland) in 1882 at Toxteth St. Philemon.
They had the following children 3:

William Rowland Bibby (App Watchmaker) b 1885 Liverpool, m 1910 St Silas to Eliza Jane Fulton, d 1941

William Rowland Bibby (1885-1941)

William Rowland Bibby (1885-1941)

Mary Elizabeth Jane Bibby b 1887 Liverpool, m 6.8.1905 Toxteth to Harold Mason (this line are the ancestors of Sonia Breen – thanks Sonia!)
Edward Henry Bibby b 1889 Liverpool, m jun 1909 Liverpool to Elizabeth Taylor
Thomas Bibby b 1891 Liverpool
Nellie Maud Bibby b 1895 Liverpool
Doris Bibby b 1898 Liverpool

William Rowland Bibby and Eliza Jane had four children [living].  He died in 1941. 





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6 Responses to “Bibby”

  • Stephen Brereton:

    I am descended from Alexander Bibby. On the 1st July, 1753 Alexander Bibye(note changed spelling), miller, married Sarah Jackson, spinster, both of the parish of Gt. Neston, by licence. They were both from Flint and for some reason got the ferry over to Gt. Neston to get married.

    There are 5 Christenings(all in Flint):
    15th February, 1756 Peter Bibby, son of Alexander and Sarah Bibby, Flint Mill
    28th October, 1757 Peter Bibby, son of Alexander and Sarah Bibby, Flint Mill
    28th April, 1759 Richard Bibby, son of Alexander and Sarah Bibby, Flint Mill
    25th June, 1764 George Bibby, son of Alexander and Sarah Bibby, Flint Mill
    24th April, 1768 Christopher Bibby, son of Alexander and Sarah Bibby

    I assume that the first Alexander died. My ancestor was Richard Bibby.

    Hope this helps.



    • Hi Steve,
      Yes, I think we have been in touch before. back in 2004 I think! I have done a lot of research since then and have got to Alexander and Sarah Halsall, but no further. I believe your flint Bibbys are not connected. Your Alexander b & Sarah Jackson had a son Alexander and at first I thought he may be the one, but apparently that Alexander had no children and was the sole executor of his father’s will and miller of Flint. I have to keep searching!
      best wishes

  • Beverley:

    There is an Alexander Bibby (or variant) born in Neston, Cheshire 1753ish.
    He was the son of James Bibby and Elizabeth Ackers. James was a miller. James and Elizabeth married in 1738ish in Childwall.
    Elizabeth’s mother, Eleanor, married a Gilbert Fairclough. The will of Gilbert mentions James, miller, of Neston and the will of Eleanor (Ellen) mentions her daughter Elizabeth Bibby.
    Can’t find any connection between the older Alexander of Neston and James.

    • Hello Beverley,

      Sorry for the delayed response – it appears that my email notifications have stopped!
      I have been in contact with people descended from the Alexander Bibby of Neston that you mention, as I once thought they were part of our branch but alas they are not. A coincidence, I suppose Alexander and James, millwwrights of Garston and the same names cropping up in Neston, millers. I have no idea if the families are connected.
      best wishes

  • Maia Honan:

    Hi all. I wonder if you can help please. I’m looking for my grandmother Hannah Jane Bibby. All I know is that she had my father Orrell Alexander Carter with Albert E Carter (not married) in 1926 in either Moon Street or the workhouse at 56 Church Road Birkenhead. My notes say she had 13 children, six of whom survived. My father long gone but I’m intrigued. Thanks in advance. Maia

    • Hi Maia,
      I am so sorry that I have just seen this message on my website. It is supposed to email be notifications but it has not been and I have missed about 5 messages in the last 6 months!
      I have checked my tree and although we have a lot of Alexanders in the Bibby tree, which is often a clue, I cannot find your Hannah. There is another Bibby family with an Alexander that I came across that were originally from Wales. There is a Hannah Jane Bibby born in Bangor in 1903/ Could this be her?
      I will find the other family info and get back to you if I find anything. Sorry again for the delay!

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