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New: Moon family from Roscommon and Manchester.

I have completed a new page for the MOON family originally fromAthlone, Roscommon. George Moon then came to Manchester by 1857 when he marries JULIA QUINN. They had four sons. 

New: Rivers and Woodgate families

I have added pages for the Rivers family of Penshurst and the Woodgate family of Penshurst and Chiddingstone. These families are linked to my Streatfields of Chiddingstone but go back much further – into the 1300’s and 1400’s. 

Sanderson of Leigh, Lancs – page updated

I have made some major changes to the Sanderson family history page and family tree based on further evidence from parish records, National Archives and Wills. 

Updated: Peers family from Cheshire

I have made major additions for the Peers family from Eastham and Birkenhead, especially to the family of John Peers b abt 1849 eldest son of John Peers and Jame Messom.  Plus some thoughts on the origins of Samuel Peers b abt 1789. Connections to Burton? 

Neil family from Whitehaven updated:

I have updated the Neil family webpages. From Whitehaven to Birkenhead with some thoughts on their Scottish origins

Updates: Carter family from Wheathampstead, Herts and Cato family from Bucks and Herts

I have updated the Carter and Cato families related to my Dellor research. Family trees updated and new generations added.