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  • Tony Mason:

    Hi Juliet
    I am descended from the Combridges, who at various times in the 16thC & 17thC married Woodgates, Rivers and Streatfields. My query concerns Edward Rivers born c1565, son of Sir John Rivers and whether he is the Edward Rivers of Leigh mentioned in the “History of the Woodgates of Stonewall…..”. Your family tree of the Rivers may provide the evidence I am seeking but the link to it on your web-site does not seem to be working.
    Many thanks in advance for any help you can give and congratulations on producing such an informative and entertaining site.
    Tony Mason

    • Hi Tony,
      Many apologies for the delay – I have not been in the site for a month or so and missed this message! Sorry that the link did not work – it appears to be ok from my end – now at least! I have Edward on there but no information other than his baptism I am afraid. I only have information on his elder brother Sir George. However the time frame for Edward of Leigh mentioned in the book would be about right although sadly I cannot find any information on his marriage or children!

      best wishes Juliet

  • Hi I am connected to the Willliam Woodgate of Summerhill (my 4th great grandfather) in your Woodgate Tree and also the Streatfield family
    My 3rd Great Grandfather Decimus Woodgate William’s son was the last Woodgate to be born at Summerhill, He went into the German Army around 1832 at Koblenz and married a german lady and had a family in Germany they then moved to Adelaide South Australia 1852. his grandson my grandfather left australia c1900 and came to New Zealand.
    Have you seen the book has a lot of info on Streatfields and Woodgate and connected families

    • Hi Ross, Nice to hear from another relation. Yes, I have the book and have used it extensively. It’s amazing how far round the globe these ancestors went!
      best wishes

  • Mr Philip Brook:

    Hi Juliet,
    I have been researching the Streatfeild family recently and you may be interested in extending the tree from John Streatfeild 1811-1883 down to David Selwyn Robins 1910-1998 and his sister Joyce Robins 1913-1991. The information can be found on
    Philip Brook

    • Hi Philip,
      Sorry, I only just found your message! I will have a look – my tree is pretty full but I will see what I can fit on. Thank you.

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