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Map showing early references to the name Streatfeild and variants. 



Some Background:

When I began the research into my Streatfield ancestry, I discovered that an enormous amount of information on the family had been done by various people.  I got a lot of help from Eric Perry who  was researching his own line back to Nicholas Streatfield born 1774.  I was able to connect my branch to his and then to connect that to the Pedigree that had been done by William Berry in 1830 1. Many of the early dates specified on this page are taken from this pedigree unless otherwise stated. [I was also put in touch with the Kent historian and researcher Lionel Cole who sent me some of his transcripts of the early Streatfields from Edenbridge, Sundridge, Hever and Brasted. There were taken from early parish registers, manorial rolls, PCC wills and churchwardens’ accounts.]

There was little mention of the name Streatfeild in Chiddingstone before 1542 LC. However, Chiddingstone  was originally part of the manor of Sundridge and it is there and other surrounding parishes that we have to look for earlier mentions of the name. I have compiled a small map of the area between Otford and Chiddingstone plotting the earliest dates of various Streatfeilds (and name variants) using the information from Lionel Cole’s transcripts as well as other notes from The History of the Woodgates and the Streatfield Manuscripts. It may help to clarity, for me at least, a pattern of movement and or possible relationships in the area around the time that Robert was born. 

[I also joined up with other researchers via email such as Joe Power, Kevin Nicholas, Ron Ellis, Malcolm Streatfield and Michael Jefferies – many far more knowledgable on the subject than myself! Thanks to all for your help and collaborations!].

There is already a huge amount of information on the branch of Henry Streatfeild b abt 1535 (Henry of High Street House, as he is called), so I will not repeat that. For Henry’s line, see the aforementioned pedigree1 and theweald pages for his lineage.  However, although I do mention this line in passing and have small a portion of it on my family tree, the details of this page are concerned primarily with the line from Henry’s brother Richard Streatfeild/Streatfield born about 1540 from whom I am a direct descendant. The spelling variation here is intentional as Henry’s line kept to the “ei” where-as Robert’s line adopted the “ie” after 2 or 3 generations. However, the spelling of the name has varied over time and in various branches and includes Strytefield, Streatfeild, Streatfield, Streetfield, Strutfield, Stratfield, Stretfield and Stretfyld (the latter two exist in the Court Rolls of the Honour of Otford from 1515 2). 



Up until fairly recently we had our common ancestor as Robert Streatfeild born about 1514.  As the Chiddingstone parish baptism records do not go back beyond 1566,  we could not be sure ho his father was or exactly where he was born.   However there are clues.  There were certainly other Streatfields around the area well before 1514.  The Rev Thomas Streatfield of Chart’s Edge observed that the family had been found in and around Hever for generations prior to Robert’s birth; Richard Stretfeld is included in the 14 people assessed in the 1513 subsidy at Penshurst. 2  This would be just before the birth of Robert. Richard also appears as one of the chief men in Chiddingstone on 1543; Robert is on the same list in 1545. 2  As he is the only other Streatfield around in the area in this same time-frame we can assume that Richard Streatfield/Stretfeld is the father of our Robert.  We could also assume that he had died between 1543 and 1545 but that cannot be confirmed. 

So we are left with

Richard Stretfeld born abt 1490 who was living in Penshurst in 1513 and Chiddingstone in 1543. He had one son that we know of: 

Robert Streatfeild Of Chiddingstone Manor  b abt 1514 Penshurst,                                                                                                                                                                   m abt 1534 [Joan?] daughter of Richard Rivers                                                                                                                                                         d 16.3.1559                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 bur 16.5.1559 Chiddingstone

Robert was an iron Master and Wool merchant who settled in Chiddingstone in Kent in the early 1500s 3.  He probably built the original timber framed High Street House.  He married a daughter (possibly Joan) of Richard Rivers of Chafford  Place, Penshurst, also sister of Sir John Rivers, Lord Mayor of London 1573.
They had two sons:
Henry Streatfeild of High Street House, Chiddingstone, b abt 1535?
                                                                m ? to 
Alice Moody
                                                                bur 29.12.1598 Chiddingstone
Richard Streatfield a Yeoman, born about 1540
                                                              m1 Margery Ayle abt 1560? (bur 1565)
                                                              m2 26.11.1566 Chiddingstone to
Elizabeth Lawndie.
                                                              d 4.12.1584 

Robert died on 16th March 1559 and was buried at Chiddingstone on 16th May.



Robert’s eldest son Henry, born in about 1535 was the first of a long line of Streatfeilds “of High Street House”, now known as Chiddingstone Castle. Henry was the ancestor for all the Streatfields of Chiddingstone. A Yeoman and Woollen draper, he and his wife Alice Moody had only one son, Richard Streatfeild born in 1559. Henry was buried in Chidingstone in 1598.

Richard married Ann Fremlyn in 1583 at Kemsing.  This Richard was a Yeoman and Iron Master, the Lord of the Manors of Leighton in Cowden and of Chiddingstone Cobham. At the time of his death in 1601 he had Iron at Pilbeams and Chiddingstone worth over £1,200 and a total wealth including debts owing to him, of over £2,000 2A [worth around £634,070.67 in 2019!37].  There is an interesting article on a painting c1645 by William Dobson that possibly contains Richard’s grandson Richard Streatfeild (1611 – 1676) and his wife Anne Terry.   

copyright Yale Center for British Art, Paul Mellon Collection


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Richard’s son Henry 1639 – 1710 married Sarah Ashdowne, the daughter of John Ashdowne of Hever and Sarah Woodgate (nee Streatfield – daughter of Robert and Susan Everest). He  rebuilt the Tudor High Street House in abt 1679 into a Carolean mansion. His great grandson Henry 1757 – 1829 and former High Sheriff of Kent, had the house remodelled into a mock Medieval castle in 1803 and it was finally finished by his son in 1830 to become the Chiddingstone Castle we see today.  It remained in the Streatfeild family until 1938 when it was sold and is now open to the public as private museum and historic House.  



Richard Streatfield, the younger son of Robert, b abt 1514 was born abt 1540 probably in Chiddingstone [sadly the baptism registers of Chiddingstone begin in 1566].  Richard was yeoman of Cransted and Chested2. Richard married Margery Ayle 4 , daughter of John Ayle (Lee) of Edenbridge in abt 1560.  They had just one daughter;

Clemence Streatfield born abt 1565                                                                                                                                                                                                                            m1 by 1579 to William Luck (d 1596)                                                                                                                                                                              m2 abt 1598 to Richard Streatfeild, 1563-1606 of Penshurst (son of Thomas Streatfeild of Hever)                                                          bur 12.7.1626 Penshurst

Margery died around that time; perhaps through childbirth?.She was buried in Chiddingstone on 5th February, 1565. 

After Margery died, Richard married Elizabeth Lawndy, a widow of Penshurst on 26th November, 1566 at Chiddingstone. They had the following children 1:

Elizabeth Streatfield b 1567, d 1567

Bennett Streatfield b 1569, d 1571

Robert Streatfield (of Chested & Penshurst) bp 29.4.1571                                                                                                                                                                                                                              m abt 1595 to Susan Everest                                                                                                                                                                                              d 1651, will dated 11.3.1647

Sarah Streatfield b abt 1575

Elizabeth Streatfield b abt 1575                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   m abt 1595 to Andrew Combridge of Coldharbour

Richard died on 4th December, 1584, his will was proved on 12th May, 1585. In it, he refers to his brother Henry as overseer, daughters Sarah and Elizabeth who were both minors and his eldest daughter Clemence, now the wife of William luck. He left all his lands to Robert his son, although he was still only 13 5.  Elizabeth remarried later to Thomas Holmden.  A brass inscription dedicated to Richard of Cransted and his wife Elizabeth is present in the nave of Chiddingstone parish church. 

brass plaque commemorating Richard Streatfeild of Cransted, Kent and his wife Elizabeth in Chiddingstone parish church

                           copyright Roger Sharland, 2012


Clemence Streatfield born abt 1565 married William Luck of Spring Hill, Penshurst when she was quite young; by 1579 and they had 8 children by 1594. William died and was buried on 7th November 1596 at Penshurst. Clemence then married Richard Streatfeild, the son of Thomas Streatfeild of Hever [this Thomas could well be a cousin of Richard and Henry but we have yet to work out the relationships between our branch and the Hever Streatfeilds.] They had one son, Thomas Streatfeild (of Lyghe and Westerham) baptised 7th September, 1600.  When Richard died in 1606, he left monies to his step children by William Luck as well as his son Thomas 6

Robert Streatfield of Chested was the only son of Richard and Elizabeth. He was born in 1571 and a yeoman.  He married Susan Everest, daughter of William Everest in abt 1595. They had eight children between 1596 and 1614, all baptised at Penshurst :

Elizabeth Streatfeild bp 18.4.1596 Penshurst
                                            m? to George Children
Susan Streatfeild bp 8.7.1598 Penshurst
                                      m 6.5.1624 Withyam to John Cripps
Anne Streatfeild bp 8.2.1601 Penshurst
Richard Streatfeild of Chested bp 24.7.1603 Penshurst
                                                               bur 16.6.1679
Maria Streatfeild bp 30.3.1606 Penshurst
Robert Streatfeild of Cransted and Freiden  (Yeoman) bp 1.1.1609 Penshurst
                                                                                                          m 1636 to Sarah Woodgate
                                                                                                          d 1654 
Sarah Streatfeild bp 22.9.1611 Penshurst
                                      m1 26.6.1637 Tonbridge to John Woodgate
                                      m2  1648  to John Ashdown of Hever
                                      d 1686 Hever
Obedience Streatfeild bp 4.7.1614 Penshurst
                                               m ? to George Leigh

Robert purchased Cransted Mill, Chiddingstone in 1619 from Thomas Waters 8. Susan died in 1637 and was buried on 10th August, 1637 at Penshurst 7.  Robert died at the age of 70 in 1651 and was buried at Chiddingstone.  In his will, dated 11th March, 1647, he left a gold 10s apiece to each of his 29 children and grand children, and all his lands and estate to his eldest son Richard and second son Robert 9.



Robert Streatfield of Cransted and Freiden was the second son of Robert and Susan, born in 1608 and baptised on 1st January, 1609 at Penshurst7. He was a yeoman farmer and married Sarah Woodgate (daughter of William Woodgate and Joanna Combridge of Chiddingstone) in 1636 at Chiddingstone.   [Robert’s sister Sarah Streatfeild married Sarah Woodgate’s brother John Woodgate the following year.]  Robert and Sarah had seven children:

William Streatfeild of Brasted (Yeoman) bp 13.2.1637
                                                                               m1 2.9.1662 Penshurst to Elizabeth Stamford
                                                                               m2 7.6.1676 Hever to Dorothy Stanford, widow
                                                                               bur 8.7.1706 (will dated 1702)
Susan Streatfeild bp 4.11.1638 Chiddingstone?                                                                                                                                                  Robert Streatfeild of Penshurst bp 18.3.1640
                                                               bur 29.3.1661
Richard Streatfeild of Ford Place (Yeoman) b 1642 ? Penshurst
                                                                    m 13.11.1683 St James, Dukes Place, London to Elizabeth Carpenter
                                                                    d 1708 Penshurst
Thomas Streatfeild of Vexour  (Penshurst) bp 2.11.1645 Chiddingstone                                                                                                                                                                                                   m abt 1678 to Ann ?  
                                                                                    bur 7.2.1728 Chiddingstone
Joan Streatfeild b abt 1650?                                                                                                                                                                                                                               m1 2.12.1675 to Nicholas Piggot of Lingfield                                                                                                                                                                 m2 1700 William Baker of Cowden                                                                                                                                 Sarah Streatfeild b abt 1654
                                      m 1697 to  Richard Goodhugh of Tonbridge (High Sheriff of Kent)
Robert died in 1654 and his wife Sarah died in 1681 and was buried on 6th June.  It appears as though the estate had already been bequeathed to the sons by Robert (although as yet we have no copy of the Letter of Administration that apparently exists for 1654).  Sarah, however, left her own will, in which she bequeathed all the moneys and linen etc. equally to her children and grand children, leaving a total of £220 in cash 10.


Richard Streatfeild of Ford Place, Penshurst was born about 1642.  He married Elizabeth Carpenter, daughter of William Carpenter of Frant, Sussex on 13th November, 1683 at St. James, Duke’s Place, London. [During the second half of the seventeenth century, St James’ Duke’s Place was a clandestine place of marriage, free of the Bishop of London. 40,000 marriages took place there between 1661 and 1691. In 1686, the rector was actually suspended for performing marriages without banns or licence Fw. Elizabeth was not under age, so perhaps her father disapproved of the marriage?] . They had four sons, the first three of which were baptised at Pembury. 12


William Streatfeild of Ford Place bp 20.4.1685 Pembury                                                                                                                                                                                                           m 16.9.1714 Chiddingstone to Sarah Ashdown                                                                                                                                                      d 10.10.1734, 18.10.1734 Oxsted
Richard Streatfeild of Oakenden (Yeoman) bp 7.4.1687 Pembury                                                                                                                                                                                                               d 1762 Chiddingstone
Robert Streatfeild (Malster) bp 8.4.1689 Pembury
                                                          m 20.9.1716 Shoreditch, London to
Susanna Stringer
                                                          bur 15.7.1760 Otford
Thomas Streatfeild b abt 1691 13                                                                                                                                                                                                                               d 1739 13                                                                                                                                                                                          John Streatfeild bp 22.9.1693 Pembury                                                                                                                                                                                                            died after 1708                                                                                                                                                                                    Henry Streatfeild (ancestor to the Streatfeilds of Otford and Shoreham) b 1.1.1700 Penshurst 13                                                                                                                                                                                                            m 1729 to Mary Wells 13                                                                                                                                                                                                        d 1741 Sevenoaks


When he died in 1708, Richard, a yeoman, left a total of £950 to his sons and his wife, also leaving lands to his older sons and thus compensating his younger sons with more cash (£300 each).   His eldest son William Streatfeild of Ford Place received the bulk of his estate. In fact it is only from the will that we have the order of his sons as he names them in terms of being second son, third son etc. 11.  The will mentioned no daughters. His wife Elizabeth died in 1719. 



Thomas Streatfeild of Vexour was Richard’s younger brother and son of Robert Streatfield and Sarah Woodgate. He was baptised on 2nd November, 1645 at Chiddingstone.  He was Yeoman of both Chiddingstone and Vexour in Penshurst 8 .  He married Ann? in about 1678 and had six children between 1679 and 1700 all baptised at St. John the Baptist, Penshurst. 7   More details of Thomas’ family can be found here on Michael Jefferies’ site. There is also more information of John Streatfeild of Charcott, Thomas’ grandson. He was born in Charcott in 1740 and baptised on 2rd July at Chiddingstone. He lived at Farningham and Otford. 



Robert Streatfield, the third son of Richard and Elizabeth was born in 1689; baptised on 8th April, 1689 at Pembury. He was a Malster.  He married Susanna Stringer on 20th September, 1716 at Lamb’s Chapel, Monkwell Street, London.  They had seven children all baptized at Otford parish church 14:

Sarah Streatfield bp 15.7.1717 Otford
Susannah Streatfield bp 2.12.1718 Otford
Mary Streatfield bp 6.4.1720 Otford
                                    bur 7.11.1720 Otford
Ann Streatfield bp 24.1.1722 Otford
Elizabeth Streatfield bp 7.7.1724 Otford                                                                                                                                                                                                                    m 28.6.1765 Brighton to Thomas Hogsleth
Richard Streatfield (Yeoman) bp 27.4.1726 Otford
                                                             m1 13.10.1754 Ashurst to Isabella Latter
                                                             m2  20.10.1755 Shoreham to Sarah Townsend
                                                             d 2.11.1794, bur 7.11.1794 Leigh
Robert Streatfield (Collar maker) bp 3.6.1730 Otford
                                                                    m 3.12.1759 Shoreham to Ann Danks


Robert was living at Otford in 1754 as was his brother Richard as they were listed in the Poll for the Knights of Kent Shire of that year. Robert was buried in July 1760 and his wife Susanna in February 1775, both in Otford 14.

Richard Streatfield was the eldest son of Robert Streatfield and Susanna Stringer, born in Otford.  He was baptized on 27 April 1726 at Otford Parish Church.  He married Isabella Latter in Ashurst on 13 October 1754.  She died the following year, possibly in childbirth, although we have no evidence of any children.  She was buried on 16 February 1755 at Otford.   Richard then married Sarah Townsend, daughter of Nicholas Townsend and Elizabeth Harman, on 20 October 1755 at Shoreham.  They had four children at Otford: 14

Sarah Streatfield bp 22.8.1756 Otford
                                     m 25.10.1781 Leigh to
John Hilder
Richard Streatfield (Yeoman) bp 17.4.1758 Otford,
                                                             m 1.11.1789 Leigh to
Mary Wicking
William Streatfield (Yeoman) bp 17.10.1759 Otford
                                                            m 28.10.1783 Westerham to
Jane Worge/Worger                                                                                                                                              d 1833, bur 26.3.1833 Westerham
Nicholas Streatfield (Yeoman farmer) bp 15.2.1761 Otford
                                                                            m 7.5.1795 Leigh to
Juliana Stone
                                                                            bur 6.4.1820 Leigh

Richard was a Yeoman farmer and  the tenant of Great Barnetts from 1792 GB, 16.   He died in 1794 and was buried on 7th November, 1794 at Leigh.  In his will, he left all his estate jointly to his wife and his youngest son Nicholas. Nicholas became tenant of Great Barnetts from 1796 until his death in 1820.
Sarah died in 1809 and was buried together with Richard in the nave of St. Mary’s parish church. Leigh.  There is a marble ledger stone in the centre nave of St. Mary’s Church, Leigh on their grave: 



William Streatfield was baptized on 17 October 1759 at Otford parish Church, the second son of Richard Streatfield and Sarah Townsend.  He married Jane Worger, daughter of Edward Worger, yeoman of Westerham and Ann, on 28 October 1783 at Westerham parish Church. At this time William was yeoman of Leigh 20. They had the following children:


William Streatfield (School Master/rate Collector) bp 14.1.1785 Westerham20
                                                                                                    m ? to Elizabeth (had son Edward Worger Streatfield b 1835)
George Streatfield (Farmer of Syndale Farm, Lenham) bp 1.8.1788 Otford14
                                                                                                           m 16.4.1811 All Saints, Maidstone to Mary Crayford 17
                                                                                                           d 1843 (left will – thanks very much to Michele Morris for info!)
Mary Streatfield bp 24.2.1791 Otford 14                                                                                                                                                            Sophia Streatfield bp 28.7.1793 Otford 14                                                                                                                                                                                                            m ? to Voysey
Richard Streatfield (Tailor) b 18.12.1795, bp 10.1.1796 Limpsfield 21
Robert Streatfield b 11.5.1799, bp 14.7.1799 Limpsfield 21                                                                                                                                                                               m 1821 Knockholt to Hannah Peerles(b 1880)
                                       d 1876
Edward Streatfield bp 28.11.1802 Westerham20
                                         m 17.10.1831 Bromley to Mary Philips (b 1812)
                                         d 27.1.1876
Joseph Streatfield (Tailor) bp 20.11.1806 Westerham 20                                                                                                                                                                                               m 23.6.1829 Halstead to Ann Tomkin (b abt 1808) 
                                                       d   .12.1891 Bromley


Jane died on 11th July, 1838 aged 72 at Lenham; the “widow of the late William Streatfield” 18.  I have just recently discovered that William was buried in Westerham on 26th March, 1833 and Jane was buried on 17th July also at Westerham 19


Nicholas Streatfield, the youngest son of Richard and Sarah, born in 1761 was a Yeoman farmer and tenant of Great Barnetts from 1796, which he inherited from his father 16.  He married Juliana Stone, daughter of John and Mary Stone of Lamberhurst, by licence on 7th May 1795 at St. Mary’s parish church, Leigh 15.  They had the following children all baptised at Leigh 15.


John Streatfield (farmer) bp 26.6.1796 Leigh
                                                     m 31.10.1831 Southwark to  Martha Grayland
Sarah Streatfield bp 20.12.1797 Leigh
                                      m 19.3.1827 Shipbourne to George Barret
Richard Streatfield (farmer) bp 27.6.1799 Leigh
m ? to Elizabeth Neal
Mary Ann Streatfield bp 7.1.1801 Leigh
                                             m 8.2.1823 Leigh to William Wate
Juliana Streatfield bp 3.5.1802 Leigh
                                         m 16.7.1827 St James Westminster to Jeremiah Barrett
Nicholas Townsend Streatfield bp 26.2.1804 Leigh
                                                                  bur 17.4.1804 Leigh
Elizabeth Streatfield bp 10.8.1806
Castibulanus Townsend Streatfield bp 6.2.1809
                                                                           bur 22.3.1826 Shipbourne
Susanna Streatfield bp 9.12.1810 Leigh
                                         m 8.9.1836 St James Westminster to Henry Barrett

Nicholas died in 1820 aged 59 and was buried at Leigh on 6th April 1820 FJuliana was found to be living at Tan Yard, Tonbridge in 1840 [ref Pigots 1840 Directory of Kent].  She died in 1853 at Tonbridge EP and was buried at Leigh on 24th February 1852.F

Robert Streatfield born in 1799 at Limpsfield, Surrey 21 and the fourth son of William Streatfield and Jane Worger, married Hannah Peerless (daughter of John Peerless) on 25th November, 1821 at Knockholt.  They settled at Westerham and had nine children all baptised at Westerham parish church 19.  Three of their sons emigrated to New South Wales; Richard and John in arrived on board the Una on 22nd November 1849 22  and their younger brother George arrived in Sydney on 22nd June 1856.   The three brothers had a total of 18 children between them born in New South Wales, Australia. This family tree can be seen on Appendix 1.  


Joseph Streatfield, the youngest son of William and Jane, was born in 1806 in Westerham.  He married Ann Tomkin (parents unknown) on 23rd June, 1829 at Halstead parish church 19.  They settled in Hayes, Kent where they had seven children, all baptised at Hayes parish church 23 ;

Robert Streatfield (Ostler) b 26.9.1829,  bp 25.10.1829 Hayes
                                                      m 4.4.1853 St. Luke’s, Charlton to
 Hannah Hanby
                                                      d ?
William Henry Streatfield (Gardener) b 28.10.1832,  bp 9.12.1832 Hayes
                                                                           m ? to
 Priscilla ?
                                                                           m 1876 Wandsworth to
 Emmaline Welshman
Josiah Streatfield (Coachman) b 31.12.1834,  bp 1.2.1835 Hayes
                                                              m ? to Mary Ann
Ann Streatfield b 18.11.1836,  bp 25.12.1836 Hayes
Charlotte Streatfield bp 8.9.1839 Hayes
James Streatfield b 16.4.1842,  bp 15.5.1842 Hayes
                                      d 1854,  bur 10.12.1854 Hayes
Albert Streatfield b 4.3.1845,  bp 4.5.1845 Hayes
Sophia Streatfield b 1.1.1850,  bp 16.1.1851 Hayes
                                       m Mar 1868 West London to
John Beckford


According to the 1841 census of Hayes, Joseph was a tailor 25 , as he was in 1851. It appears that Ann died in 1857 30,  but it is not know where she was buried. By the time of the 1861 census Joseph was a 59 year old widower, living with his youngest daughter Sophia with his son Robert and family at 8 Holland Street, Southwark 26.  By 1871 he was back by himself at Hayes 27. At the time of the 1881 census, Joseph, a widower and  an inmate of Bromley Union workhouse, Farnborough, Kent 28.  He died there on 2nd December 1891, aged 84 18.



Robert Streatfield,  was born on 26th September, 1829 and baptised in Hayes, Kent.  He married Hannah Hanby, daughter of Matthew Hanby a draper from Charlton in Kent, on 4th April 1853 at St. Luke’s parish church, Charlton near Greenwich18.   They had at least five children;

Robert Henry Streatfield (Carman) b 6.1.1854 Kennington, bp 13.8.1854 St. John’s, Lambeth
                                                                          m  12.1874 Clerkenwell to Eliza Maud Sporton
                                                                          d 12.4.1923 Clerkenwell, bur 23.4.1923 Abney Pk
William Josiah Streatfield (Warehouseman) b 31.10.1855 St. Saviour, bp 13.1.1856, St. John’s, Lambeth                                                                                                                                          m? to Mary Elizabeth Bowles                                                                                                                                                                                bur 22.5.1929 Islington cemetery                                                                                   
Alfred Edward Streatfield (Ostler/Carman) b 8.4.1858 Borough, bp 22.8.1858 St. John’s, Lambeth
                                                                                         m 19.5.1876 Bethnal Green to Mary Ann Phesay                                                                                                                                                bur 10.10.1927 Islington cemetery                                                                              Hannah Harriet Streatfield b 2.2.1860 Borough, bp 2.6.1862 St Saviour, Southwark                                                                                                                                               m 13.1.1878 St. Thomas, Bethnal Green to Samuel Joseph Collins
Ernest George Streatfield (Glazier) b 23.10.1861 Borough, bp 2.6.1862 St. Saviour, Soutjwark
                                                                         m 1885 Pancras to Maria Elizabeth Fremaux
                                                                         bur 12.8.1939 St Pancras cemetery

In 1871 Robert Lived at 83 Strand, London and in 1881 he lived at 12 Pools Buildings, St. Andrews, Holborn 27, 28.  Robert was an Ostler and Hannah, a laundress. In 1891 they were living at 8 John Street, Clerkenwell 29.   


Although no photographs appear to have remained of Robert, we have this photo of Hannah Streatfield (nee Hanby). She died in Holborn Workhouse on 9th March, 1895 and was buried on 16th March at Manor Park cemetery, Newham 35

Robert cannot be found in the 1901 census, but appears in the 1911 census as an inmate of St, Luke’s Workhouse at Holborn, a widower, aged 81 31.  He died there on 1st June, 1913 and was buried on 7th June at Manor Park cemetery, Newham 35.  









Robert Henry Streatfield was the eldest son of Robert Streatfield and Hannah Hanby, born at 12 St. Marks Road, Kennington on 6th January, 1854 18.
He married
Eliza Maud Sporton (daughter of Charles Samuel Sporton and Emily Hart) in December 1874 at St. Marks, Clerkenwell. At this time they were both living at 59 Whiskin Street, Clerkenwell 18 .  
Robert Henry was a builders merchant’s packer and also a carter/coachman. They had eleven between 1875 and 1895 baptised at various churches in the Clerkenwell area 12

Robert Charles Streatfield (Ship’s Clerk) b 17.5.1875 Clerkenwell18, bp 6.6.1875 St. Clement Islington                                                                                                                                      m 29.5.1898 Clerkenwell to Louisa Maria Hayes (b 1875)
                                                                                   d 19.10.1930 Tottenham bur 24.10.1930 Abney Park cemetery  AB
                                    Emily Hannah Streatfield (known as Cissie) b 1877 Clerkenwell
                                                      m 25.12.1897 St. Luke’s Clerkenwell to
Frederick Amos Freeman [emigrated to Canada in 1906/7]
                                                       d 1966 Canada
Eliza Maud Streatfield b 20.10.1878 Holborn, bp 4.2.1885 St Mark’s Shoreditch
                                                 m 25.12.1906 St. Paul’s Clerkenwell to
George William Godfrey
                                                 d 1924
Hannah Harriet Streatfield (known as Annie) b 16.11.1880 Holborn, bp 4.2.1885 St Mark’s Shoreditch                                                                                                                                              m 4.8.1901  St. Peter’s Clerkenwell to Richard Charles Grettan
                                                                                            d 1961
William Alfred Streatfield b 16.12.1882, bp 4.2.1885 St Mark’s Shoreditch                                                                                                                                                              m 23.4.1905 St. Paul’s Clerkenwell to Emily Sophia Taylor
                                                        d 1955
Ernest Samuel Streatfield b 13.1.1885, bp 4.2.1885 St Mark’s Shoreditch                                                                                                                                                                 m 5.8.1906 St. Paul’s Clerkenwell to Elizabeth Caroline Driver
                                                        d 18.6.1953
Elizabeth Norah Streatfield b 20.6.1887 London
                                                          m 19.12.1909 St. Paul’s Clerkenwell to
 Charles Clarence Marshall
                                                          d 18.12.1967
Louisa Florence Streatfield b 1889 Shoreditch, d 1901 Shoreditch aged 2
Frank Hubert Streatfield b 16.6.1893 Holborn, bp 20.7.1893 St. Paul’s Clerkenwell                                                                                                                                              m 1914 to Hannah Louise Jackson
                                                      d 1957, bur 12.4.1957 Abney Park cemetery AB                                                                                                  
Alfred Albert
Streatfield b 15.7.1894 Shoreditch, bp 17.5.1894  St. Paul’s Clerkenwell                                                                                                                                         m 7.8.1915  St. Paul’s Clerkenwell to Louisa Thompson
                                                      d 1.2.1956 Brill, Aylesbury
Archibald Joseph Streatfield b 27.5.1895, bp 20.6.1895 St. Paul’s Clerkenwell                                                                                                                                                              m 7.3.1916 Broadway, Weymouth to Gwendoline Doris Pitts
                                                              bur 3.9.1936 Abney Park cemetery AB


  Robert Henry Streatfield                           c 1900

From 1875 until at least 1881 the family were living at 33 Clerkenwell Close.  By 1891 they were living at 13 Hinden Street, Shoreditch 29and by 1901 they were at 16 Bastwick Street, St. Lukes 31 , and in 1911 at 15 Bastwick Street 32.                        
At the end of the war
 Robert Henry became caretaker of the Carter Paterson stables, a haulage firm in Seward Street where he now lived.  He was helped by his younger son Archibald.  Robert and his wife Eliza died in 1923 at 14 Bastwick Street, St. Lukes within four days of each other; Robert on 12th April aged 69 from influenza and bronchopneumonia, and Eliza on 16th April aged 67 from shock and bronchitis 18.  They were buried together on 23rd April, 1923 at Abney Park cemetery AB .

 Eliza Maud Streatfield (nee                Sportan) c 1900
















Robert Charles Streatfield, my great grandfather was the eldest son of Robert Henry and Eliza Maud, born on 17th May, 1875 at 33 Clerkenwell Close, Clerkenwell, where the family were living in 1881 18 ,28.  His father was a horse dealer and horse and cart driver. At the time of the 1891 census he was a porter living with this parents and siblings at 13 Hindon Street, Shoreditch 29. On 29th January, 1894, when he was 18, he joined the Royal Marines Light Infantry stationed at the Depot in Walmer.  On 11th September that year, he was transferred to Plymouth but remained in dock 34.   In February 1895, he bought himself out for the sum of £20 and on 14th November 1895 he joined the 1st Tower Hamlets Volunteer Corps as Corporal 5555.
He married 
Louis Maria Hayes (daughter of Henry Hayes and Emily Mills) on 29th May, 1898 at St. Peter’s church, Clerkenwell.  They continued to live at 15 Bastwick Street. They had the following children:

       Robert Charles                       Streatfield c 1895

Emily Florence Streatfield (known as Florrie) b 29.7.1899 Walthamstow
                                                                                            m ?  to
Alfred Thompson
                                                                                            d 1973
May Elizabeth Streatfield b 30.7.1901 Walthamstow
                                                      d aged 4 on 28.8.1905                                                                                                                                                     bur 1.9.1905 Chingford Mount Cemetery, Waltham Forest 36
Robert William Streatfield b on 19.7.1907 at 266 Guinness Buildings, Finsbury
                                                         m 4.8.1934 Stoke Newington to
 Edna Curtis
                                                         d 24.2.1985 Kinson, Dorset                                                                               
Henry Richard Streatfield (known as Harry) b 12.12.1911 Dalston
                                                                                         m 1943 to
Grace Barnyard
                                                                                         d 1992 Minehead, Devon
Albert Frank Streatfield (known as Alf) b 18.1.1913 Dalston
                                                                               m 1943 to
 Lena Newbon
                                                                               d 1968 Tottenham
Doris May Streatfield b 1.6.1920 Ball Pond Road, Dalston
                                              m  1949 to
John Spencer
                                               d 1993 Sherborne, Dorset


At the time of the 1901 census, Robert, now a ship’s clerk, his wife and 10 month old daughter were living at 37 Granville Road, Walthamstow with his sister Emily Hannah and her husband Frederick Freeman 31.  At the time of the 1911 census, he and his family were living at 62 Stanley Road, Highbury where Robert was now a dock labourer 32.  It appears from his Demobilisation certificate that Robert Charles enlisted for the 3rd City of London Battalion Royal Fusiliers on 15th April, 1915 and then to the 15th Battalion Worcestershire Regiment 38675 from which he was discharged on 14th January, 1919 as acting Lance Corporal 4060 34 .

On 7th October, 1921 Robert Charles was awarded his campaign medal for his duties in World War One.  At some point during this time, the family moved to 95 The Roundway, Tottenham and he continued to work as a crane driver until  December 1929 when he became ill with angina, although he had always suffered from chronic bronchitis and was asthmatic. He kept a diary of the last 6 months of his life from the time he had to finish work until he died.  He died on 19th October 1930, at his home 95, The Roundway of angina and chronic bronchitis 18 and was buried at Abney Park cemetery on 24th October, 1930 together with his parents AB.

His widow Louisa continued living at 95 The Roundway, Tottenham; she was there at the time of the 1939 register with her three remaining unmarried children 33, and afterward until she died, with her son Alf and his family. She died on 2nd May, 1959 from Bronchopneumonia and was cremated at Hackney Crematorium and her ashes were interred in the Garden of Remembrance in Tottenham Cemetery.

Robert William Streatfield (my grandfather) was born on 19th July, 1907 at 266 Guiness Buildings, Finsbury 18.  He began his working life with a Saturday job for an oil merchant/iron monger in Dalston and then got an apprenticeship at Thornicroft, diesel engineers at Southampton.  He did not complete his apprenticeship and returned to London and became a carpenter and joiner.  During this time he severed the top joints of his first and second fingers on his right hand.  They were sewn back at the Middlesex hospital.   On 4th August, 1934 he married Edna Irene Violet Curtis,  the eldest daughter of Augustus Thomas George Curtis and Louise Gravatt at St. Mark’s Church, Stoke Newington 18

Robert joined the Auxiliary Fire Service in 1937 and was automatically transferred to the National Fire Service as No. 192388 Fireman Streatfield serving at station 36B.13.  At the time of the 1939 Register he was residing at Tottenham High Street Fire station, while his wife was at home at 293 Mount Pleasant Road Tottenham 33, where my father had been born in 1936. Robert continued as a reserve fireman through the 2nd world war and in 1944 he took part in Invasion Embarkation practice.  He was awarded for his services throughout World War 2, with a Defence medal in 1946.  

At the end of the war he was transferred to the Middlesex Fire Brigade and was awarded the Exemplary Fire Service medal. He became Mess manager for his station and local representative for the Fire Brigade Union.  He retired from the service on 18 July 1962.

At this time Robert and Edna moved to 13 Harrow Road in West Worthing to be close to Edna’s mother Louisa Curtis.  They then moved in with Louisa to 27 Haynes Road, Worthing.  Louisa spent alternate 6 month periods with Edna and her daughter Doreen who also lived in Worthing at this timeRobert worked as a store man for Wades of Worthing, a main Austin dealer until he retired in 1973.

Soon after this they moved to 10 Wellfield’s Drive, Bridport then in 1983 to 13 Howton Road, Kinson, Bournemouth. Robert died there on 24th February, 1985 aged 77 of emphysema related respiratory failure 18. His widow Edna, my nan died on 19th June, 1985 at Blandford hospital of cancer 18. They were both cremated at Bournemouth. 



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16 Leigh in Kent 1550 – 1900, Lawrence Biddle, 1991

17 Mid-Kent Marriage Index 1754 – 1911

18 Personally owned birth, marriage or death certificate

19 Kent, England, Church of England Baptisms, Marriages, and Burials, 1538-1914, on

20 Westerham Parish Registers

21 Limpsfield St. Peter, Surrey Parish Registers available at

22 New South Wales, Australia, Assisted Immigrant Passenger Lists, 1828-1896

23 Hayes Parish Registers

24 1841 Census Extract

25 1851 Census Extract

26 1861 Census Extract

27 1871 Census Extract

28 1881 Census Extract

29 1891 Census Extract

30 England and Wales BMD Indices

31 1901 Census Extracts

32 1911 Census Extracts

33  Extracts from the 1939 Register

34 Service records

35 Newham East Ham Essex cemetery records from Deceased Online

AB  Abney Park Cemetery Records 

36 England & Scotland, Select Cemetery Registers, 1800-2016

37 Inflation Calculator

Other Resources:

LC  Transcripts sent to me from 2000 by historian Lionel Cole, taken from parish records, churchwardens accounts PCC wills and Manorial records of the parishes of Brasted, Hever, Edenbridge, Otford and Sundridge. 

The History and Topographical Survey of the County of Kent – Volume III
by Edward Hasted, published by W. Bristow, on the Parade, Canterbury, 1797

Hearth Tax Assessments, Kent Archaeological Society Volume 3 (2001) part 5,  p 201 (Sarah Streatfield, widow) 1664

Early Muster Rolls, Kent Archaeological Society Volume 3 (2002) part 9, p 423 (Richard Stratfylde and Thomas Stratfyld in the Hundred of Ruxley [Rokysley] as of 25 November 1545

The Streatfield Manuscripts held by the Kent History and Library Centre [a Database of historical and genealogical records maps books census data and images for the Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex prior to WWII] .  Very useful

The Visitation of Kent 1619 – 1621 p.145

The visitation of Kent 1663-1668 p.159 

The early history of the Parish of Chiddingstone is on the ‘British History Online‘ site and details some of the early Streatfeilds and their land acquisitions.

Chiddingstone An Historical Explanation – Jill Newton 1985

Chiddingstone, Leigh & Penshurst in1797  by Edward Hasted 2008



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