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 Bibby – Lancashire           Carter – Herts                       Cato – Herts                       Curtis – Dorset                           Dellor – Hertfordshire               Dunn – Northumberland   Evans – Cheshire                   Gravatt – London                   Hayes – London                       Howard – Cambridgeshire   Kille – Hampshire             Needham – Derbyshire           Neil – Cumbria                  Rivers – Penshurst                       Peers – Derbyshire         Sanderson – Lancashire   Shilton – Berkshire       Streatfield – Kent                   Tann – London                     Tyrer – Lancashire               Woodgate – Chiddingstone

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New: Streatfield family from Kent

I have completed the page for the Streatfield family that originated from Kent. Parishes include Chiddingstone, Westerham, Leigh, Otford and Hayes with early information from Edenbridge, Hever, Sundridge.