Tyrer Family of Prescot


The Tyrer family of Prescot is in addition to my Tyrer Family of Lancashire page which begins in Huyton and Knowsley. 

Please refer to the Tyrers of Prescot family tree. 



In ‘our’ family tree, we are descended from one Anthony Tyrer, Innkeeper of Knowsley born about 1664.  Three generations in and we have Anthony’s great grandson Richard Tyrer, a plumber and Glazier born in Formby in 1769 who lived and had his children in Prescot.  While researching this family I came across another Tyrer family in Prescot who were also plumber and Glaziers.  Although I could not directly link them to our tree, I have finally found a possible link that I think my mean they are cousins. 

William Tyrer, born abt 1700 was a wheelwright and had four children with his wife Mary at Prescot 1.

Ellin Tyrer bp 7.3.1722/3 Prescot 
Margritt Tyrer bp 21.1.1724/5 Prescot
Anthony Tyrer (Plumber & Glazier) bp 3.5.1727 Prescot
                                                                       m 30.6.1754 Prescot to Margery Aughton           
                                                                       bur 26.6.1788 Prescot (will dated 1779)
Margritt Tyrer bp 13.7.1729 Prescot

Anthony Tyrer was a plumber and glazier and was master to several apprentices between 1759 and 1784. He married Margery Aughton, daughter of Henry Aughton and Mary, on 30th June 1754 at Prescot St, Mary1.  Anthony and Margery had thirteen children at Prescot although sadly five of them died in infancy. 1

William Tyrer (Plumber & Glazier) b 6.5.1755, bp 30.5.1755 Prescot
                                                                   m 16.1.1783 Winwick to
Margery Worsley
bur 29.7.1794 Prescot (will 1799)
Mary Tyrer b 12.7.1756, bp 1.8.1756 Prescot
Jane Tyrer b 21.8.1758, bp 10.9.1758 Prescot                                                                                                                                                          Mary Tyrer b 4.8.1760, bp 17.8.1760 Prescot                                                                                                                                                              Henry Tyrer b 21.9.1762, bp 8.10.1762 Prescot
                            bur 16.12.1762 Prescot                                                                                                                                                                    Henry
 Tyrer b 26.10.1763, bp 11.1763 Prescot
                            d ? (not in will)                                                                                                                                                                               
Anthony Tyrer b 1.12.1765, bp 1.1.1766 Prescot                                                                                                                                                                                            bur 14.12.1766 Prescot                                                                                                                                                                      Amy Tyrer b 9.1.1769, bp 29.1.1769 Prescot                                                                                                                                      Anthony Tyrer  b 28.2.1771, bp 1.4.1771 Prescot 
                                  bur 2.5.1771 Prescot 
Margaret Tyrer b ?? Prescot
                                  bur 26.5.1772 Prescot
Ellen Tyrer b 15.8.1774, bp 9.1774 Prescot                                                                                                                                                        Anthony Aughton Tyrer b 18.2.1776, bp 22.2.1776 Prescot                                                                                                                                                                                        bur 6.11.1776 Prescot                                                                                                                                                  Margery Tyrer b 10.6.1777, bp 30.7.1777 Prescot                                                                                                                                                                                         m 5.5.1808 Prescot to John Ackers    


Anthony left a will dated 12th December, 1779.  He refers to his father-in-law Henry Aughton in relation to a marriage settlement, his wife Margery and his children William, Jane, Mary, Margery, Amy and Ellen. Also John Ackers of Rainhill, his future son-in-law.  Probate was granted on 12th April 1790.  2.

William Tyrer, Anthonys eldest son, was also a plumber and glazier.  There is an order of filiation and maintenance for a bastard daughter of William Tyrer, glazier and Catherine Large, singlewoman, dated 5th September, 1775 3.  This child was Jane Large who was born 5th July 1775 and baptised at Prescot on 14th July, 17751 .    There is also a removal order for a William Tyrer from Prescot to Little Woolton dated 27th May, 1772 4. However, I cannot be sure this is the same William as no occupation was stated and his abode is clearly Prescot when he was baptising his children, although he could, of course, have returned by then.  

William married Margery Worsley on 16th January, 1783 at Winwick.  They had eight children, also in Prescot 1;

Ellin Tyrer b 1.4.1784, bp 23.4.1784 Prescot                                                                                                                                                                                          bur 6.2.1789 Prescot 
Anthony Tyrer b 6.9.1785, bp 5.10.1785 Prescot                                                                                                                                                                                          d 1833 Lowton, bur 18.2.1833 Prescot
William Tyrer  b ? Prescot                                                                    
                                bur 5.9.1790 Prescot
John Worsley Tyrer bp 20.6.1787 Prescot
                                           bur 26.3.1788 Prescot                                                                                                                                                              Henry Tyrer b 24.12.1788, bp 16.1.1789 Prescot                                                                                                                                                                                       bur 22.9.1791 Prescot                                                                                                                                                                  Ann Tyrer b 18.10.1791, bp 21.10.1791 Prescot                                                                                                                                                                                     d 1836 Prescot 
Ellen Tyrer b 13.11.1792, bp 16.11.1792 Prescot                                                                                                                                                                                       bur 6.4.1796 Prescot
Jane Tyrer  b 20.12.1793, bp 17.1.1794 Prescot                                                                                                                                                                                       d 1821 Lowton, bur 20.7.1821 Prescot


William died in 1794 and was buried in Prescot on 29th July.  However, he left a will dated 20th April 1799[!] in which he mentions his wife Margery, his sisters Jane, Mary, Amy, Ellen and Margery. He also acknowledges his children but does not name them 5.  His widow Margery left her own will after her won death in 1831. She was living in Lowton but was buried on 8th February, 1831. Her will was proved on 3rd December, 1823 7 .   I have double checked the dates of both the burial and the will and cannot quite understand the discrepancy. 



At the same time that William, the wheelwright is having his children in Prescot there is a Thomas Tyrer, a Butcher of Prescot who married Hannah Cooper on 1 January 1722/3 at Prescot.    They had two children there:

Margritt Tyrer bp 1.9.1723 Prescot, bur 4.9.1723 Prescot and

Anthony Tyrer bp 11.2.1724/5 Prescot


These two men had sons called Anthony three years apart and I believe these Anthonys are cousin. Could Thomas (b abt 1700) and William (b abt 1700) be brothers and why did they both call their first born son Anthony?    Could their father be Anthony? 

I looked at possible births for Thomas – born around 1700; there are three possibilities:


the son of John and Elizabeth of Prescot bp 7.5.1704 Prescot,

son of Edward Tyrer of Knowsley bp 5.2.1695/6 Huyton, or

son of Anthony Tyrer Innkeeper of Knowsley bp 14.1.1691/2 Huyton.


John and Elizabeth did not have a son called William.  Edward Tyrer of Knowsley did have a son called William bp 8.12.1698 at Huyton, however he appears to have died in 1718 (and was buried on 20th July 1718 “William the son of Edward Tyrer of Knowsley”) 6 . This leaves Anthony, Innkeeper of Knowsley who also had a son called William bp 8.12.1698 Huyton.  Anthony is the main ancestor of my husband’s Tyrers who also had a son John Tyrer in 1701 who was the father of yet another cousin Anthony Tyrer born in 1725 at Formby.  In fact in total Anthony of Knowsley could have had four sons that each had a son called Anthony! 

If I have this right! Please see the Tyrer Family Tree as well as the Tyrers of Prescot tree. It is confusing but I think that my using names and occupations to help us out, this makes a lot of sense.  This is the synopsis of my theory: 


Here are the baptism records for the would-be four cousins called Anthony! Ref Lancs opc:


12 Jan 1707/8 St Michael, Huyton, Lancashire, England
Antony Tyrer – son of Antony Tyrer, junior
    Abode: Huyton
    Source: Private Transcription

11 Feb 1724/5 St Mary the Virgin, Prescot, Lancashire, England
Anthony Tyrer – Son of Thomas Tyrer & Hannah
    Abode: Prescott
    Occupation: Butcher
    Register: Baptisms 1722 – 1726, Page 13, Entry 13
    Source: LDS Film 1657583 item 6

13 Jun 1725 St Peter, Formby, Lancashire, England
Anthony Tyrer – Son of John Tyrer & Margery
    Register: Baptisms 1710 – 1812, Page 17, Entry 4
    Source: LDS Film 1849657

3 May 1727 St Mary the Virgin, Prescot, Lancashire, England
Anthony Tyrer – Son of William Tyrer & Mary
    Abode: Prescott
    Occupation: Wheelwright
    Register: Baptisms 1727 – 1765, Page 1, Entry 9
    Source: LDS Film 1657583



However, there are a couple of things that I need to address.  Firstly, there is the marriage of William Tyrer of Knowsley to Margery Guy of Kirkby on 21 October, 1721 at Huyton 1. I had believed this to be the son of Anthony, but if they did marry, I can find no children.  The only children of William just after this marriage date is that of William and Mary. Did Margery die very soon after their marriage and did he then marry mary? Or is this a different William?

Secondly, there is the  marriage of Anthony’s son Thomas. There is a Thomas Tyrer of Knowsley who married Margaret Taylor of Prescot on 30th November, 1712 at Prescot 1 . Margaret, wife of Thomas died and was buried on 10th February, 1720 at Prescot 1 .  When Thomas married Hannah Cooper on 1 January, 1722/3 at Prescot, she was a widow but I do not know whether Thomas was a widower or not, so I cannot be sure I have the same Thomas. 

These need to be addressed before I can feel confident I have made the right assumptions. Can anyone help??

Thank you!




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